I'm having so trouble doing ryu's crouching mk into dp into super. Help?


Everytime i do a crouching mk into dp it becomes super. I start the crouching mk in the down back position, and everytime i do dp i get super before i even want to input super. It frustrates me so much. Can someone help me through this?

Btw after i do crouching forward in the down back position i input f, d+f, f.


You’re probably mashing out a DP too fast and it’s getting read as qcf*2.
Best method (or at least one I would suggest):
Let your stick (or d-pad) go back to neutral after c.mk then dp then qcf.


like araider is saying.
just try to be super deliberate about the shoryu input, don’t half ass it.
eventually you’ll get how it’s supposed to feel and then it won’t be a problem.