Im having trouble doing zangief's combos



lightkick ->GH my input is never fast enough… I play on madcatz pad btw.

if anyone wants to teach me tricks n shit add me on xboxlive i’d greatly appreciate it

GT: Mr VNeck23


I’m using a madcatz stick, still I have a very low success rate for that -> ex.GH combo.


This one is pretty easy.

Hold Forward on the stick, tap LK, move the stick to down and then to forward, tap two punches. This is what I use (on my circle gate) as my combo off of far jumping HP AKA the Superman!

Alternatively, you could use this method, Move stick to forward, then to down, then to forward, tap LK and almost immediately tap two punches

or on your arcade stick, whis is a square gate, Move the stick to DF (left bottom corner), move stick to Down (buttom middle), then to DF again, tap LK followed by 2 punches.

or use the dragon punch shortcut, tap DF, tap DF, tap LK then 2 punches. Try it and see.

This is just a LK xx EX Greenhand combo for 3 hits! Anything more and you need to use a link, which is much harder