I'm having trouble finding a main

Hakan and Fuerte my mains in SFIV. I’m having a hard time deciding on a character at this time. I briefly tried everyone, but I’m not feeling anything yet. Anyone got any recommendations?

If you like El Fuerte in IV I suggest playing Rashid in V. He’s got excellent mixup, good normals, and his projectile is pretty solid too. As for looking for someone similar to Hakan, I can’t think of anyone in the current roster that would satisfy you…perhaps R.Mika might but that’s still not a good comparison other than command grabs that aren’t Gief.

based on your previous main try mika first. if that really doesnt click then use this strategy.

play a character for 1 week straight (no cheating, no switching, just 1 character) and then move down the list. do this until you’ve played all the characters. if still no characters has clicked for you then you should probably sell the game

I will take both of you guys advice, I appreciate it!

By the time 16 weeks has passed we’ll have at least 2 more characters released. I’m sure he’ll want to try out Alex and the next DLC character after that…and so on and so forth. Don’t tell him to sell the game if there’s still plenty of content that remains to be released. Who knows, the 2nd wave of DLC might have someone who really piques his interest. (Assuming he doesn’t find any of the current roster/DLC Wave 1 characters interesting or fun)

I wouldn’t sell the game, its amazing. I just have a difficult time deciding on mains.