I'm having trouble

For some reason I can’t get the timing right for the EX Mantis Slashes and I only get about three. Is there any way to help make my timing better?

slow the hell down when inputting them, DO NOT mash them in as fast as you can

I’ll see what happens next time I go to the arcade.

slash with rythm, count 1,2,1,2;
1 for the quarter circle and 2 for a punch.
you can’t just mash quarter circle and punch in a uncontrolled way, thats scub technique.

Actually, I button mash when i SEE i landed an ex, qcf+PP (if landed) qcf(repeatedly very fast)+p(repeatedly very fast) always get a 5 lol

Thanks for all your help. I am going to the arcade soon.

I’m also having trouble with EX slashes. However, it’s got to do with chaining them from a D+MK. Sometimes when I chain, my EX skips the first hit all together, and I’m inputting them at almost the slowest rate the game will allow without delaying them.

Does this have something to do with my cancel timing? Am I chaining them too early?

yeah, but theres some people who can do it consistently and control the speed of their slashes. like i always slow down if a person is block my ex until the last hit.

Wait… How many hits is a EX mantis suppose to give you anyways? Because whenever I do d.mk into ex mantis I always get a 5 hit combo. Also I mash qcf and the punch buttons really fast at the same time.

Low forward = 1
Complete EX slash set = 5

1 + 5 = 6

If you’re getting 5, that means you’re mashing TOO fast. So fast, that you’re canceling the first hit of the EX [which deprives you one of the hits, but allows it to still connect with the 2nd and finish]. Slow down.

im having the same trouble with the EX mantis slashes but i know an easier way…

buy that street fighter controller with the R1 and L1 buttons next to the triangle and circle button…it looks like a sega controller with six buttons and what not…set the macros on the those buttons for the EXs…and its legal in tourneys with only THAT controller.

Er… I think it’d be easier to just do it until you get it down.

uh you can hit jab and fierce at the same time ex doesn’t need 3 punches just more than 1

you guys are absolutely right thats how ive been gettin better…but i only said that for people who want the easy way out…you know some people can get frustrated easily…like me but i can take it…then there are some people who cant really do it for shit

I have a question about yang. Say his attack chain (short, forward, roundhouse) connects but its block. Is he open to ne thing character specific afterward.

Just to make sure I get this right. If I do cr.lk, cr.lk ex MSx3 that should be 7 hits right?

As long as you don’t spam it out too fast and cancel one of the slashes. You have to slash 5 times with the EX.


Thread is kind of old, but I felt that I should revive since I’m having a problem with pulling off the EX slashes consistently. I’ve been practicing today alone for about 3 hours just doing the slashes. I can do them easily with a regular controller, but I’m mainly trying to get them down with my arcade stick; any tips on bettering my consistency? As of now I’ll get on one side of the screen and alternate a normal slash and the beginning EX slash, pushing the character across to the other side.

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Er, you just do repeated fireball motions over and over.

try holding the stick loosley with your thumb index and middle fingers and gently flicking your wrists when you do the slashes. Thats how i do them anyway