I'm horrible, need help


I need to choose a main. My style is I stay aggressive, take a lot of hits, and deal consistant damage. I like to FADC a lot, and don’t want a character such as Biison in which you have to charge one direction to use a move. i have a hard time landing combos. I was thinking Sakura fits my style. Am i right or should I choose another main?


wrong section dude. haha. simple question are better asked in the Newbie Saikyo section.

a lot of characters can be played aggressively, even charge characters. Everyone here will tell you to get your basics down before going ahead. “hard time landing combos” means you need to practice some basic combos first.


I put togheter this playlist of basic stuff you need to know when playing SF IV. In this case Ryu is the character in consideration but these can be applied to other characters as well.

once you learn all that, you should be pretty good at the game…and THEN learn big combos/fadc etc

  • [media=youtube]LYp6-0v2ll0[/media]

  • [media=youtube]LRQsbygPKXc[/media]

In my opinion Ken. He has standard 1000HP, good BnB, good normals, can be played aggressively, good kara throw.

Other info can be found in the Ken forum section :

if this doesn’t help then try ALL the normal trials challanges in SF IV for ALL the characters. You’ll eventually find a character that suits your play style.

p.s. next time use this forum section for this type of questions : http://www.shoryuken.com/forumdisplay.php?f=322


A character with a reliable anti-air and good wake up game makes things a lot easier. Sakura is a really cool character, great mix up game and combos. 1st of all you have to find someone you like not someone you think you’ll be good with. I find it hard to have the drive to put in work to be good with someone if I don’t like them. (Rufus)

GamesPlayer has the right idea though. Trials are great practice and a good way to see what a character has got to offer. While some trials aren’t useful, most are.


If you like to take a lot of hits I don’t suggest any character below the base hp of 1000. Honestly learn a grappler, they don’t have very many combos and you can concentrate on footsies to win. I use Gief and T Hawk right now and am thinking about Hakan.

Or, if we’re talking about super (which we most likely are), try and take a look at Cody. Very simple to start off with and good damage.