Im i in deep Sh*t?

so im a 17 year old going to school in the morning. will it snowed here in MN last night and the roads are terrible.

so im driving on this road and i lose control and run into another car. his car is alright, minor scratch, my left headlight is completely broken. in the mist of it all, i panic and didn’t know what to do. old comes an older asian guy, little english, seemed dumbfound and didn’t know what to do.

heres where i get myself into deep shit. when we exchanged car information, i panic and gave him wrong information about me. i got all his information, his name, car model and VIN (no license because i forgot). now that im home and cleared my head a bit, im feeling guilty about it and im trying to make things right. only i dont know how and im afraid i might be in some serious shit

any of you guys know what to do?

my dick itches so bad