I'm in a bit of a dillema

So I ordered a HRAP 3 thinking Mad Catz won’t be making more TE fightsticks, but it turns out they will.

Well, my HRAP 3 arrived today. Spent a good $100 plus $10 for overnight shipping. The problem is that Mad Catz revealed that they will make more TE sticks. I found out a little too late, but I can still return the HRAP 3 for a full refund.

But a bigger problem is that I want an ARCADE STICK BAD! I’m tired of the damn ps3 control and I’d like the true arcade feeling.

So either keep my HRAP 3 or wait a few weeks for the TE stick (and pay 50 bucks more but it’s not a problem)

What would you do if you were me?

get both if you have the money …

otherwise keep the hrap3 and when they send your TE sell your hrap3 on ebay for like 200$ …
the stick prices are pretty sick at the moment :sad:

I would cry. QQ.

hrap can be your player 2 stick

Sell it to me, I’ll buy it from ya!
(I’m dead serious…)

i would like to buy it too! let me know if you still got it available by then

With the TE, you’ll be waiting until after March if there are actually a surplus over preorders. Why not spend about $30 getting Sanwa buttons to replace the Hori ones, and it is the same thing as the TE performance wise.

Only issue I have with a HRAP 3 is the craptacular fake carbon fiber overlay that bubbles. At least you can replace that now with Lamilabel.

HRAPs are very good sticks once the buttons are replaced.

For 6 Sanwa buttons this fightstick will total up to $140.

Why not just get the TE with 10 more bux? but yeah its really tempting to unwrap right now ;_;

Mainly because you wont have to wait 2 months to get a TE? On top of that you “want an ARCADE STICK BAD!”

Either way…Why make a thread asking a question, when people give opinions/answers? Sounds like you have already talked yourself in to getting a TE.

The bottom line is you want Sanwa parts in a stick that’s comfortable to use. Try out the HRAP, and if the base is comfortable to use then throw in the Sanwa buttons and forget about the FightStick. To be honest with you, the SE FightStick has a more comfortable base than the TE FightStick anyway IMO. The TE FightStick is gigantic.

where are you located? if you don’t want the stick, let me know, I might take it off your hands for $100 + we split overnight shipping


My opinion is that the hrap is a great stick after moding it. If I were u I would keep the stick and also get the te if you must have it. I also agree that the we feels better than the te after moding it.