I'm in Portland from 8/10 - 8/15 ! SF anyone?

Who want’s to game it up ??? If I don’t have your number already PM it to me and lets game…Im down to play during the day and evenings…SF 4,CvS2,HDR. Holla !!!

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There is actually a tournament on sunday the 14th.

here’s the link http://shoryuken.com/f22/slugfest-v-ssfiv-tourney-%40-ground-kontrol-243587/
hope to see you there

Uh dude, we got a big tournament at Ground Kontrol on the 14th, hit that shit up.

Loooool outposted. That’s Saturday, not Sunday though.

You better be there Dr. B!

You should go to Seattle. It would be worth your time.

Yo should car pool with some portland peeps up to seattle Thursday. Dojo Thursdays are hype in Seattle. Plus Tournamentwars playoffs are happening this Saturday at the dojo. This week, Seattle has some serious SF hype, and the dojo is the epicenter.