I'm in the marines, and I want out. Help! @__@


I’m currently serving in the U.S. Marines right now, and i just got shipped to iraq, been here for 3 months now. I hate it here, my “buddies” in my platoon keep treating me like shit, saying im a shit bag, and they keep fucking with me, and beating me up. Its cold as fuck here, and there is no tv, good internet or radio here. I’m a little to sensitive and delicate to do this job, and i’m thinking of ways to get out of not only Iraq, but the Marines as well.

I thought about shooting myself in the leg, but they would know that it was me that did it. Because the insurgents use Ak-47’s, and we use M4 assault rifles. Can anybody help me with this?


Shoulda joined the Navy.
No, but seriously.
Shoulda joined the National Guard.

I know, I know, troll thread, but I always wanted to know what compelled people to join the military.


my friend said he would be more of a man and he loved guns.


Start eyeballing ass and coming out as gay?


Somebody needs a code red.


Treating you like shit? Isn’t that normal in the Marines? That’s at least what I hear quite a bit. :wink:


^ I almost believed this post until I read that. Obvious troll. :coffee:


Ever seen Full Metal Jacket?..


Sorry dude, you’ve gotta suck it up. Signing a contract does that for you.


some people need money/training for college, some people wanna serve their country, some people wanna fly jets. Those are the reasons for everyone I know.


this isn’t the same SAM is it?


Kill yo self


stick it out. You joined the marines, and what did you expect iraq to be like? Don’t marines/military people get that pay out for the rest of their lives for serving a tour?


Did you join the Marines to save up the 10,000 you owe Ronin?


Maybe if you would have figured out how to get up that pole with weights on during boot camp, your superiors wouldn’t have given you so much trouble.




Shoot the people in your platoon:tup:


It’s not the real SAM.

It’s an old troll that keeps popping up.


Watch the news, stupid.


Hey I want out of the military! I can’t handle it!

Instead of coming and crying to SRK, why don’t you go talk to a chaplain or your chain of command?

You know that’s what they’re for, Private/Lance Corporal.

Obvious troll thread tho as already mentioned.