IM inf problems

I’ve been working on IM’s inf for awhile and still no avail.

either the u+HP doesn’t connect after the two lk’s


I do get the u+HP to connect but IM and the opponet drop before I can land, j. lp lp etc.

its lp lp lk HP

or to be more specific

lp lp (slight pause) lk pause U+Hp

if they get too low change it to lk lp lk HP

if they get too high change it to lp (slight pause) lp (slight pause) lk pause U+HP

Oh wow that made the difference thanks seal =) Now I just have to practice reseting the inf and landing those lk’s more consistantly =)

ironman’s infinite is so solid that i think its best to just do the infinite until u get to the corner and then combo into proton cannon then to risk messing up the reset. Ironman has to work harder to get a hit than say mags. so the risk reward ration is not good enough for me to do resets. I would just do the infinite to 40 hits and combo into proton cannon, This alone should do 50-75% damage anyways. then when u get advanced u can learn the high damage ways to set up the infinite and all of ironmans 100% comboes so u never need to do a reset and u can kill a full health character.

watch these vids cuz i can’t explain it good



Oh ok I see what you mean. So it’s s.HK, sj, n.HP, ad/df lk lk u+HP [ land, j.lp lp lk, u+HP] repeat brackets? or [ land, lk lp lk, u+HP ] repeat?

Oh my last question. There some IM combo or inf where it looks like he just u+HP and lk’s opponets in the air and keeps them there. I can’t really explain it well.

for ur first question.

you can use sj. n+HP or sj. D+HP

and lp lp lk hp is the main one

lk lp lk hp is the variation that u do when they get too low. Normally u only use the variation for 1 or 2 reps until the characters goes back to the proper hieght, then u go back to lp lp lk hp.

when u start the infinite u have to decide if they are too low or not and act accordingly. I find ironman’s solo set up rather tricky cuz im so used to magneto’s set up and he can do it so fast but with ironman u have to do the sj.hp and then dash d/f and pause a bit before you do the lk

and for your last question, that ist he unfly infinite. There are other threads that are like 20 pages long that explain it but basically its

launch lk hp ad/uf lk hp fly lk hp unfly hp ad/uf lk hp [fly lk hp unfly hp ad/df lk hp]

ad/uf = airdash upforward

the thing with this combo is that normally u wont be able to do any attacks after u unfly (or turn off fly) but anytime u get hit in the air and u land on ur feet u will be able to do attacks after u unfly, its sort of a glitch but it effects everyone who can fly so its not really a glitch.

once u master that u can use lp instead of lk and it will actually bring them closer to the ground and then u can go into the ground infinite.

I’am having a bit of a problem figuring the timing for both the lk, lp, lk u+HP and lp,lp,lk u+HP. whenever I try either one I get on rep (after the setup) and when I land and jump and again to continue the opponet falls and IM missed them.

Slow down the lk, up+hp. your doing it to fast.
Once you get the timing down you shouldn’t have any problems with them getting to high or to low. Big guys like Sent or Juggs will get low, just add a (lp,lk, u+hp) in the rep. (lp,lp,—lk,—up+hp, land, jump, lp—lk,—up+hp) that will keep them up high enough to keep the infinite going, just don’t do to many (lp,lk,up+hp) because they get to high.

there is a basic ironman tutorial on youtube and its in spanish…but they have stuff like sj.fwd+fp and shit like that not in spanish, and they stop the video and pause it…its goood, you should go there if the threads in the past are not enough help.

i mean there isn’t much to it, u launch with rh, you knock them down with sj.fwd.fp or sj.d+fp, you chase them with your ad/df, and you keep them from hitting the ground with your sj.lp lp or lk both ending with sj.up+fp, then you land, and do jumping lp lp lk up+fp.

the only way to get it down is practice

Yeah I’ve seen it. Asscort’s vid right? I’ve got it done know though.