I'm looking for a good cammy

i need pracits this macht up against my abel my PSN is DJCacara

well since your location is dominican republic, I suggest you look up Alexanima. He’s a decent Cammy, but he’s a bit… egotistic. Lives in the same area as you.

SG PS3 Blanka player looking for a very good cammy to spar with, add me skrface13

I’ll play with you on PSN. my PSN is lildshadow2

I’ll add you, I’m in New york, our connection should be decent.

oook not problem i asepted you FR last night

yeah i saw. I’m up for playing today. I’ll be online in a few mins.

i play a pretty good cammy from what i hear so add me to psn if u have a good connection with toronto,ontario

psn: MooseyLV

ggs… it was too laggy for me though.

Could a cammy player help me with this matchup add me on the xbox GT: thebest258

Who do you play as?

Feel free to add me.

looking 4 a cammy to spar agains not that many around xbox live (wat r u serious)

Ahhahahah Alexanima…biggest understatement of the century.

newty im still waiting u :smiley:

you know what… i somehow miss Alexanima… No more drama around here… :rofl:


Mmmm, I wouldn’t say he was good, but he wasn’t random.

alexanima is a noobs, i can beat him with a one hand

Quote of the century.

DJ Cacara, why dont you also post that you still havent been able to defeat my bro Alexanima. he defeated you 5-1 (i na previous match) and then 14-10 yesterday? too bad we didnt record it. Be a man and stop talking trash behind people.

you are the worst noob of dominican republic everybody in this country can beat you, THE WORST NOOB, i dont have time for noob as you.

First of all, learn some proper english. You do realize this is his brother not Alex? i guess you are mentally handicapped and cant see that, oh well, i guess you are not to blame at all.

Mr. Dj Cacara everyone in this country refers to you as a mediocre player and i really dont understand why are you mad at Alex. Maybe because he onwed you and you cant do anything about it? that sounds like a valid reason to me. Anyways, try to increase your game skills, otherwise you wont be able to defeat him, you are just going to keep losing,over, over and over again.

Some good cammys from this forum challenge this retard and let him know what’s up please:rofl: