Im looking for parts!

I have a T.E. stick and Im looking for buttons that are quiet. when I execute a move I dont want my opponent to know when to attack or block just from hearing me… yes its that serious! hehehe

thank you for you time and interest!

p.s. what are the button sizes on the T.E. stick – 24mm right?

they are Sanwa OBSN-30mm

as for sound not sure

have you heard of check them out

I’ve found the Sanwas to be pretty silent…

i’m sure people got a opinion on the matter

I doubt silencing your buttons will do anything to affect your gameplay, or your opponents.

Besides, how could you not love the “slaplaplaplap” of Sanwa buttons?

The screw-in Sanwas have a slightly duller and low frequency sound than the snap-ins, but it is not a world of difference or anything. Sanwas are already very quiet for arcade pushbuttons, and the TE doesn’t have a ton of echo. If you want something quieter you may be in for some DIY. :slight_smile:

Music, sweet music…