I'm looking for subjects to photograph at Evo


I will be moving around continuously during Evo covering the event and will probably barely sleep for four days, but since unlike a number of other majors I don’t have any official photo duties, I would like to use this opportunity to try something more expansive. My goal is to come back from Evo with as detailed of a photographic representation experience as I can, and particularly something that moves beyond the experience provided by the stream cameras. Aside from photographing the event, which will still take up most of my Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I would also like to get team shots, vendors, cosplayers, and especially more after hours shooting when the tournament is done for the night, whether it is salty suites or just people hanging out.

I’ll be looking for interesting things to shoot at the event, but I also wanted to make a thread to get a heads on things that people already have planned that I might have missed. Another thing I really want to get is more photos of players from other areas; I have galleries and galleries of northeast players, but far less photos of players from other parts of the country or other countries.

If something is going on I’ll be checking this thread during the Evo or you can contact me on facebook or twitter or just come up to me in the venue.


Well for what it is worth Shinobi you can watch a new TO fail in the BYOC area. The few of us coming out are SOCAL, but Ill be trying to garner more interest for SNK games from anyone so who knows what you may or may not get. I don’t mind. My event will either be a lot of fun or as some of the SNK people think it may be a train wreck either way Im going for it and we’ll see which way the chips fall how about that? Good luck on getting your footage I hope it turns out alright.


I’ll be moving all over so I’ll definitely stop by, I was trying to get pictures of as many people running brackets as I could last year for an article that I was doing and never got around to completing.
It’s funny that I thought they were okay by my standards last year, but now they look pretty terrible to me so they may just stay locked up on my computer forever.

Also If you’re in the venue and see me and you want a picture, please get my attention. I have a tendency to zone out while shooting to the point forgetting to eat all day and not talking to people for long periods of time, but i’ll stop and have a conversation with anyone as long as you say hi or something to break me out of my usual daze while scanning the room for shots.


I’m trying to organize a party for Saturday night in celebration for getting married the week after Evo. I’m leaving it open so you can probably stop by if you want.


I’ll be arriving in Vegas in a little over an hour. I want to see if I can scout some locations for shots around the hotel. If all else fails, I’ll just use my hotel room.
Shoot me a message here or on facebook with any room information. If you don’t see me in the hotel/ballroom.


I’ll be dressed as Johnny Cage…come get a few shots of thay!


Btw, here is a link to the evo photos I took