I'm looking to hire someone to train me in SFV. Any good players in the Los Angeles area?

Hey there,

I’ve been casually playing SF4 for the past few years but I don’t have a console or gaming PC so I haven’t been able to play SFV very much. Next weekend I’m going over to a friend’s house to play SFV and I’d love to be able to whoop on him :slight_smile: Bison is my main and Ryu is his.

If you’re interested, please shoot me a text.


don’t post your number here. no really, don’t.

Thats some lazy shit. lol

Waste of fucking money bro.

Just play the game and grow naturally. No one can make you good at the game but you and it don’t cost a thing but your time.

I’m in one of the most historic spots for competitive SF and need someone to train with. Halp.

look here:

or here:

removing the phone number because wtf mate