I'm looking to make some custom art for my first stick

I just ordered a Hori Real Arcade Controller Pro.v5 Hayabusa for my PS4/PC, and I was wondering if anyone here knew how easy it is to put your own art on it, and if anyone had a template for this particular stick I could use in Photoshop.

There is no such thing as a Hori Real Arcade Pro V5 Hayabusa.
What you have pictured is the Hori Real Arcade Pro V.Hayabusa Silent.
Not to sound like a picky ass or anything, but with so many HRAP sticks being released now, and the fact that you posted a stock picture (instead of your own picture), you need to be specific.

And your questions would be best asked
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I just posted the one Amazon showed. The one I assumed I ordered and was listed as a V5 Hayabusa.