I'm losing every single game


I’m starting to lose all confidence in my ability to play this game. I played a bit of sf4 and was really just a beginner and would hover around 800 to 1200 LP, but I was competitive in that range, I’d win plenty of games. In about my last 5 play sessions I’ve won about one game, it’s insane, like one out of 50 or 60 games. I don’t know what the issue is but I’m pretty disheartened. Are the lower ranks harder than they were in sf4 at the moment?


if you stick to it you’ll see why you’re losing. don’t look at your losses as a measurement of who you are or something. take every loss as a way to get better. after the match think about what happened and what you could’ve done and what you probably shouldn’t do. you’ll start winning eventually. i guarantee it.


If you’re losing, try to reflect on what aspects of the match led to your loss. Maybe review the replay to understand things better.

Theres nothing wrong with losing, that’s how you grow.


I keep a journal with all the ranked games I play. Since there are a bunch of load times, I use them to write notes and things I can improve on. Sometimes, I watch my losses and figure out what I did wrong. One time, I realized I was trying to punish blocked mSRK with sHK. I should have been using LP or LK.

Also, the better players might still be around your rank, so just tough it out a little longer.


At this point ranked is still mostly not very organized, I’ve played people who were terrible at 1500 LP and people who just fundamentally dominated me at 500LP. You can’t take the points seriously, ignore them. To me the LP is less representative of how good I am and more how much I am improving as a whole.

Don’t think “What did that 1300LP player do to beat me?” Just think, “What did that Chun-Li do to beat me?” Focusing on your wins/losses/ranks is a distraction from actually improving because it takes the focus away from fundamentally how you played.

Focus on what you did with your character and what the opponent did with his character. That’s all. Don’t get discouraged man, keep grinding. You’ll get it.


It will most likely get easier to go higher in term of pure number. There seems to be some kind of inflation in LP, which was obvious since the best rank is still platinium and there is like 10 of them when the max range you can reach is Hero or something, which is at least 6 ranks above platinium. Forgot the exact thing on this but there is a reddit post with details.

So I think bronze might become the silver or even the gold as time goes.

In a nutshell don’t look at points it’s not super accurate yet.


Feel ya…I’m in my mid 30’s and have played numerous fighting games when I was younger(SFII, CvS2, GGXX, 3rd Strike) Even considered my self pretty decent and could hold my own…However I took a nice long 5+year hiatus before picking up SFV…not only that but decided to try and make transition to stick as well. Which leads me to todays experience. After having played a good bit since launch and thinking I was starting to make a smidge of progress I got BLOWN THE **** OUT today. 17+ game losing streak playing my main (Birdie) in casual mode…up till then had took my losses pretty well. Really let that demoralize me some. Gonna try and pick back up tomorrow & hope things arent quite as rough. I dont mind losing frequently as it’s one of the only ways to learn HOWEVER…when I’m in bronze and in casual getting tore down without even the occasional win I wanna rip my hair out haha


lol yeah that’s natural. i remember thinking i was good at 3S when it first came out on ps2 and my brother beat me really bad and he hadn’t played since sf2WW… i was so angry but it drove me to get better. when you let it get to you i find it’s best to take a short break and calm down. you can’t think straight when you’re really frustrated so you calm down and then you can think and reflect on what you were doing wrong.


Simple fatigue & frustration was the main culprit i think. Came back this morning and things seemed “right” again. Was even landing my anti-airs somewhat consistent & the occasional tiny combo(j.HK, c.HP xx h.Chain) haha even that ez one been tough after such a long hiatus.


Which character are you playing? We can probably help. There’s no reason for someone serious enough about fighting games as yourself (You must be, else you wouldn’t post this thread) to lose like that.


Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. I’m still losing - playing Ryu


upload a match or request me and I will have your match with me looked at id is “ahdonye”


I know this feel, sometimes I can win some matches and other times I feel locked in a death spiral. Maybe the way I’m trying to use Mika is too narrow? I’ve got it into my head that I should be trying to bully people into the corner.

You’re not alone m8, all I can say is don’t give up and let’s keep grinding. As long as losing teaches something about what to brush up on, it’s all good imo. :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat as you, but I came over as a semi-successful Mortal Kombat player. When I first started taking fighting games seriously, I took about 600 losses, many of those back to back, before I started really getting everything to a competitive point. Much salt will be had, but time and practice is all we need.


Speaking from experience, once you start losing the first reaction is to look straightaway for another match so you can win and break the losing streak. NO! Your first reaction should be to figure out one thing you did wrong and try to do that better in the next match. When I start losing I’m like a gambling addict who keeps putting quarters in.





im in the same boat used to play fighting games alot when i was younger. Took some years off now getting destroyed, well today i am atleast. i even lost to a ken who only used heavy tatsu and neutral jump heavy kick on my wake up haha, went from 660lp down to 303…yea ouch. im in the midwest so the online warrior life is for me. Ive been doing the training mode setup as suggested above and has helped me alittle but being able to see the number of the recording kinda defeats the purpose imo.


Sticky notes, my friend. Use the good ol’ sticky notes (don’t forget to clean the monitor afterwards though…please)


in sf4, you could win matches by using run away tactics and random special moves because youll eventually get an ultra to make up for the fact that you were actually losing

SFV doesnt really have anything quite like that.

You’re going to need to actually understand midrange, defense and offense now. The training wheels are off.


sticky notes helped. To echo whats been said i had 877 points, went all the way down to 540 just kept getting rocked all day then took a break watched some replays and went back at it and ended at 1025lp for the day. Dont let losing bother you just work on one thing every game like anti airing etc even if you lose youll be improving that part of your game. I won 20 out of my 30 games today and learned alot from the losses. If you wanna play add me on PSN.