I'm makin a game, how's it lookin?


Hey, I make a game every month or so and this one’s a fighting game. I love fighting games, I play a lot, but I’m not super tournament guy. I just started listenin to Wakeup Shoryuken in like-- November, so be gentle.

Ok so this game is a free browser game-- I KNOW, games suck on keyboards, I hate keyboards, so I’m trying to make the controls as easy as possible. I want this game to be really easy to slip into, but also FEEL like a real fighting game.
So you never have to read a giant bible of combos, and you don’t have to keep an eye on your hyper-tension gauge or anything crazy, but it’s still (hopefully) fun. Maybe it’s for people who don’t buy a lot of games, maybe it’s for all the 8 yr-olds who grew up on Modern Warfare, I dunno.

Anyway, here it is.

It’s a work-in-progress; I steamed ahead n made 4 characters, and now I’ve stopped for a sec to look at what I’ve got.
The first guy is the all-round no-thrills flamenco dancer/matador.
The 2nd guy is slightly different from that, and has a weird launch move.
The 3rd guy is completely different, a grappler, has a kind-of stun move and a running throw. I might add an air-throw actually aswell.
The 4th guy is fucking weird; can’t run or jump, but has stronger attacks than anyone else, a projectile (sort of), and an anti-air.

Totally work-in-progress, nothing’s concrete, I jus thought I’d stop n see what YOU GUYS think. I know it’s not super-fast crazy tournament game, but hey- who else am I gonna go to for fighting game advice?
Is this all too slow? Are the characters boring? Do I need projectiles? Are the controls dumb? Should guys bounce off each other when they hit in the air? Is a combo-counter NECESSARY? Should they bounce off walls? Is it dumb that they get up automatically? Is it full of dumb cheap infinites? Am I an idiot to not have the game pause slightly when you hit a guy? How could this be more fun? What does this game need? What should I get rid of? What should the 5th guy be? and so on and so on…

Here’s a log I update while I’m makin it, if you’re interested.

Oh btw the computer AI sucks. I’m not very good at games, so my AI is also never any good at games either. I’m really stuck with that, this is as difficult as I can get it right now.

it seems to me that there arent any combos. What I mean is, I can break any string of attacks with an attack of my own. AFA I can tell, you don’t have any sort of stun associated with being hit, or with blocking an attack.


Ok, so there are AIR combos at further inspection. Haha, your matador character hit me backwards with his marionetter/spinning move, and it killed me. It juggled me backwards and away until death. 100% damage. AND bc there’s no real break btwn rounds, I got hit instantly-- i.e. the move started while I was knocked down.

It’s actually still killing me in an infinite loop. Took a video, I’ll UL in a few minutes.

[media=youtube]nRFbCOmxRJY[/media] – here is the infinite loop that carries over btwn matches.

[media=youtube]p3Ft1pB1MEc[/media] – here it is, happening onscreen. I think bc I’m not in the corner, it wasn’t hitting such that it continued indefinitely.

Yeah I noticed that like the day after I made this thread, [media=youtube]W9iSmCmyTwM"[/media].
Sorry about that, it’s fixed now, he bounces you away with that attack.

There aren’t really any scripted combos, like Tekken-style or Soul Calibur stuff. Punch-punch and kick-kick are combos with the first guy, and the big suit dude has a punch-punch combo aswell… but really that’s not a big focus. The game’s based on individual special-moves because I’m one guy animating it all.

There are some situations where you can hit people in the air. Like guitar-guy’s Super launches people into the air, and if you time it right you can run-slide em as they’re comin down. Similarly you can hit people right after Spanish-guy’s throw.
Stuff like this wasn’t put into the game, I just found it in testing.
Should I start accomodating more of that stuff or what?

+I don’t get this STUN thing. If you get hit by an attack, there’s 5-10 frames where you’re imobilized- Should I be doin something else ontop of that?
Someone mentioned to me that this game has no hitstop or blockstun… Are these important design things I should know about?

Right, but 5 frames is only a fraction of a second. Adding variable stun to the assortment of moves is what will allow combos to be created. As it is now, you can mash light attack and trade with anyone who’s trying to link one light attack into another.

Do a bit of research on things like hitstop, hit stun, block stun, frame advantage, etc. You’ll find that while they may take a lot of work to implement, they’ll go a long way towards establishing a framework that allows for you to pick and choose how your characters are able to make combos.

the matador is one of the most hilariously brokededed things in a game.

I am a video game designer who works with flash also. And I think it’s a great start.