I'm making a Youtube channel!~


I’ll be posting vids on my PC experience of Ultra Street Fighter 4, there will be voice commentary and you can hear my fight stick (lol i’m mash a bit) I’m new to SF4 so I’m here to learn and want to grow the community for the better. Also, like my name hints at, I only play PC, I do not have consoles. Support my channel and support the FGC!

My first video: http://youtu.be/9xghphZPvMA

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Check out my stream: http://www.twitch.tv/silentchains

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First off “welcome to the FGC”… that being said…having your first post be an advertisement for your social media really doesn’t make you look all that good and in the end looks like you just want attention and to grow your youtube/twitter/stream numbers more than anything.

As far as your first video goes there is almost no talking other than random commentary when you drop combos and overall was quite bland. When people want to watch others play fighting games they expect you either have to have one hell of a personality or be damn good at the game which at this point it doesn’t seem like you have either going for you.

Before you start making more videos I highly suggest you learn the basics of the game especially how to punish your opponent’s mistakes with the proper button rather than just hoping sweep/mashing connects. On top of that getting a microphone that would allow you to distort/get rid of the fan noise in the background would help.

A bit harsh… but if you actually want to succeed you need to take criticism and better yourself off of it. Wanting to grow as a player and a community makes sense but wanting your personal social community to grow might not be the proper agenda to go with.


Advice: Don’t bother with Youtube unless you have something unique to offer to the world. What differentiates you from all the other millions of random people uploading videos?


Cool man good luck with everything. I just started streaming as well so if you’re on the East coast maybe we can play and “cross streams” haha.




Completely agree with what everyone has said here. At the very least, get direct capture from the game with sound if you’re not doing any kind of commentary