I'm making the switch from Pad to Stick

In December I’ll be making the switch from the D-Pad to the Arcade Stick. :smiley: I feel it’s about time to make the switch as I’m young and plan on going to tournaments in the future. I also see how the D-Pad holds me back, as it’s inputs are VERY inaccurate (In Street Fighter IV especially thanks to short-cuts), which keeps me from using characters that have Shoryuken + Teleport, or Shouryken + quarter, quarter ultra. I can’t tell you how many times in training mode those two things have bugged the hell out of me, because both of those factors makes EX Shoryuken almost impossible. Plus executing combos will be alot easier, as I can Plink on a stick.

So what’s the most recommended Arcade Stick? I just need help selecting my stick.

I figured this would fit better in the Fighting Game forums than in the General Discussion forums, which holds posts about random news across the world :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I’d like to customize it too if I could get advice about that as well. Like being able to choose the art for it and what not. The price doesn’t matter, I just want good quality.

Thanks in advance guys.

There’s a proper thread for this in Tech Talk.

And please do what the title suggest and read the guide on page 1 first

I know plenty of pad players who disagree that stick is superior.

In fact, I might change back soon…

Of course OP never told us what game pad or what game system he or she was using before.
The Xbox 360 game pads are notorious for having a terrible d-pad as a example.

The argument over arcade/fight pads over arcade sticks are more based on personal preference over any real differences, technological or physiological.

Now that is said, playing on a pad and playing on a stick uses different body parts, different joins and muscles.
You will start off actually playing worst on a stick until you get used to the differences, and your body adjust this can be as quick as a half hour to a few weeks of on and off practice.