IM me if you are good at SF 2 hyper

Good players needed. We have 3 guys here looking for good challengers. Contact me for location in Pomona, Ca.


im in

im out


hi, are any of you from california?

if yes, let’s meet up

What characters do you guys play?

We should have a 3 on 3 match. Losers pay for Pizza.

word, 3 on 3 matches for pizza. so cal, 626 representing.

I already replied to you in the LA ST thread, but I’ll post here too :wgrin:

I’m down for this, depending on when it is of course. I might be able to bring a friend or two along too if they’re free.

taiji/reset runnin that 626 ST (hyper is scrubby)

us 2 vs any 3 for the $$$

bet it. me, norm, ogken vs reset and any homies for any amount!

ps, damn you norm, talk to me!!! and call vahe too!

Only the new school would say hyper is scrubby. I still have not met anyone who has played hyper and played ST and says ST is better than hyper.

when are u niggas playing
i wanna play
not for money tho

ill talk to taiji/mike ross aka the LA clippers of ST, hopefully theyre down for a dope 3 on 3

im a big clippers fan, and just to let you know… clippers are ass this year :frowning: so you might wanna change that aka for mike ross unless you really know something we dont?? HAHA

I’m always down for ST, but not for money.

dont worry about our team name watts haha

looks like this will be an exhibition match

taiji/mike/reset vs watts/og ken/norm

no money :lovin:

I dont even play ST man. So its a handicap already.

Like I said. Let’s play for Pizza.