I'm never using a 360 controller again


Ok, so until I get a stick, Im using a PS3 controller and nothing else for all tournament matches. I’m so sick of using a 360 controller, honestly every time I use a 360 controller it makes me enjoy playing SF4 less and less. I seriously feel depressed at how shitty the response is for that controller and how ugly it feels in general. I got at least $50 now for a stick so hopefully I can find something soon. I can’t believe how many dumb Bison slides that 360 controller has made me do just from brushing against that ugly trigger :shake:


Come on Riki, be real.

Bison slides are a part of you. :rofl:


Hm…lemme see if my friend still wanted my SE…otherwise if you can find a JLF stick to slap into the badboy, it’s pretty much good to go, and I’d definitely let you rock that. (till the Madcatz buttons break, but by then I’ll probably be able to find new buttons)

But I gotta check with my homie first, he has first rights.


LOL eh I love sliding, but only when I choose to slide, not when the 360 controller chooses that I slide :rofl:


Riki, you should hit up Frank and see if he’ll sell you a 360 stick. He has like 3 of them. Dead serious. It would be in your best interest to eventually get a 360 stick and a PS3 stick though, that’s if you’re intending on going to Evo.


Yeah I only have a PS3 so if I did get a 360 stick I would have to find a way to make it work on a PS3. I really just want a stick of my own so I can train at home with one and adapt to it. I love PS3 controllers, but I’m sure I’d be better with a stick.


riki get an arcade in a box 285 and you get both ps3 and 360 top of the line its amazing dude


I may sound like a serious traitor, but I just found out that there are PS3 and PS2 controller adapters for the 360. Hmmmm I might have to stick with a controller =X


fuck all that noise, Riki you play with what you are comfortable with. But ultimately I’d definately try out a stick first to see if you can really get a feel for it, in the end if you feel the the ps3 controller is your calling. Rock that shit homie.


I’m using a custom DDR pad that is starting to piss off my neighbor below me, might have to go back to using the controller again…


Riki, this week/weekend if you want you can come up to my place and use my stick and at least give it a chance. If you do end up coming, I’ll hit up some more people with Sticks so if we have 2 it’d be wicked.

Trust me, the adjustment from controller to stick is a lot quicker than PS3 controller to 360 controller… You guys saw that when I went to your place to play. Seriously, just hit up Nara and we’ll get some people over. I went to GameWorks after only playing on a 360 controller, and I was about 30% more comfortable playing on the arcade. Sure it took me about 30 minutes-1 hour to adjust to how my hand had to sit to tech grabs and focus, but it was way less aggravating than attempting a ultra/super/move with a stick than a controller. Such as in PC FPS, the equivalents are a controller = high sensitivity, and a stick = low sensitivity. Low sensitivity gives a smaller margin of error in your shot.

P.S. Frank is right. If you like controller more, stick with it. Don’t go by anyones recommendation, go by how you feel after you’ve exercised your options before investing any money into it.

A lot of the above was an edit.


yeah I’m down for that Jared. I think the reason I’m so set on using a pad is because I played SF2 on a sega pad, I played SF EX Plus Alpha on a PS1 pad and I played Tekken on a PS2 pad. It’s just been pad my entire life aside from MvC 1, Samsho and all of the KOF’s. I feel like I programmed myself to use a pad and it would take months to deprogram me. Sadly, EVO is so soon that I don’t have the time to transition :sad:


lucky for you evo is gonna be on ps3 =)


I feel ya man, but one thing we used to do before a huge CS LAN tournament (Similar to Evo) is bootcamp on LAN together for a couple of days and get outside our comfort zone aka our houses. Every time I’d go to a tournament, I’d come home 10x better than I was before because I would have to try different things and learn to play outside of my comfort zone (in your case, your pad).

I’ll hit you up and maybe Fri or Sat night we can get some people over. I just have to double-check my plans because I think I’m supposed to go out drinking with 3 different groups of people, Cirrhosis the Wonderdog!

They are having it exclusively on PS3 or both PS3 and 360?