I'm new and need a little bit of help



Hello, I’ve been playing SF4 casually on and off at friends’ homes since release, but I’ve probably only played less than 20games in total. Yesterday I finally bought the game and played a bit in training then spent 2 hours online. Right now I’m thinking of maining Akuma but I need some help.

When I’m hit confirming a crouching opponent, what are my options to combo into light tatsu -> H.Shoryuken? I know C.HP forces them to stand, but I’m having a hard time ever linking that, I assume the timing is too strict for me at this stage. So what are my other options that’s more practically to pull off in a real match?
Alternatively, if I couldn’t combo into light tasu, what are the best moves to finish up? I tried EX fireball but I feel like should have been able to do more damage and might have cost me games because of that. Shoryuken seem to only work when very close up and will whiff otherwise, too unsafe?

Another question. Is it worth 2 bars to FADC into Shaku after light Tatsu -> Shoryuken? I remember someone told me back in SF4 it was a very heavy hitting combo, but now that I’ve tried it in tranning, it doesn’t seem to do much damage and stun. I just don’t have the experience to make a decision.

Thanks for the help.


First off, could you go to the FAQ thread when you need an answer to a couple of simple questions? Don’t wanna seem like a douchebag, but lately, there’s too much new threads coming up with no real value or puprose, so try to write your posts in the threads they belong to, okay, please?

Now for your questions:

  1. You can link into cr.HP to force a stand on a crouching opponent and then cancel that cr.HP into light tatsu, but as you already noticed, that link is very difficult and thus highly unpractical, youre best bet is to do cr.LP cr.LP cr.MP canceled into either EX Hadouken for a knockdown, or an EX Tatsu, for more damage but much worser positioning (and it is important to know, that EX Tatsu will not always connect or will not connect fully on some opponents when comboed from far ranges, so it’s a bit of a risk to go for it, when the opponent is standanig far away).
    2)Tatsu is always best finished with shoryuken for solid damage. If you’re willing to spend the meter, you can go for an EX shoryu for more damage. LP shoryu FADC into shaku is pointless since the nerf from Super, no one uses that anymore it does less damage then an EX shoryu after the light tatsu and it costs more bars. It is used however for your everyday reversal finishes and day-1 stuff like ‘walk up to a dude on a wake-up and shoryuken his ass while he tries to tech a throw’. In those cases you can spend the bar for extra damage and some good positioning, but don’t do it to finish off a light tatsu combo, not worth it.

Hope that answers youre questions, keep them into FAQ forums from no on please.


I only noticed the FAQ after I created the thread, sorry about that, I’ll remember next time. Thanks for the answers.



  • c.hp can only be linked after s.lp, so it’s a pretty useless link considering it’s very hitbox specific and unreliable. c.lp > c.hp is not possible, that would have been a very good link if it worked.

  • Good finishers vs crouching opponents is c.mp xx ex fireball or ex tatsu, ex fireball gives a good knockdown and stun. If you have meter and are withing range, fireball FADC c.hp to stand them up for a full combo would be your best option.

  • Pretty much everyone dropped the FADC shaku combo after the vanilla nerfs, I do however use mp.srk FADC lp shaku every once in a while, it gives good positioning and stun.


Not totally useless, it sets up a dangerous corner mixup.