I'm new around these parts *waves sheepishly*

Hi all

only fairly recently discovered 2 things: MAME, and this site! I have been loving all the classic 2D fighters - it’s good to see so many other people are so enthusiastic about them still!

Quick question / observation - do most of the users of this site play on consoles, as opposed to MAME on a PC? I only ask this as there is a lot of talk of PS controller hacks etc, and almost all of the custom sticks are for PS / Xbox etc. Am I the only PC user on here?

I am also absolutely loving the hardware side to it all - broadening my knowledge of buttons, sticks etc is very fun. Needless to say I have ended up with dozens of different buttons etc ‘just to see what they look like’ :lol:

I play on my PC almost as much as anything else due to MAME, Kawaks, and games like Big Bang Beat and Blitzkampf (sp). I just use my custom sticks with PS1 PCB’s running through converters to be able to play on the PC.

Kawaks is my preferred Emu for everything Capcom and SNK. So easy to configure the controls for it, plus the spiffy graphic filters to make everything look better.

I play MAME all the time with friends for old-school 4-player beat 'em up action like D&D and AvP. I don’t play online because of the lag (which I think probably stops a lot of other people from playing online too).

People here always talk about the PS1 controllers because they are the most compatible with everything, even PCs. With a nice stick with a PS1 pcb all you need to do is buy adapters for whatever system you want to play on and it will work perfectly (assuming you get the right adapter).

Yeah the filters in Kawas are good. I actually first used Kawas before I discovered MAME. I have my TV hooked up to my PC via a VGA-Scart cable and an ArcadeVGA card from Ultimarc, so it’s fairly close to having an arcade monitor - no need for filters etc. Looks great!

That’s interesting… I’ll have to look in to that. For my first (and only) stick I used an I-Pac from Ultimarc with a USB output.

Will definitely have to check out using a PS pad. Although i’ve never soldered anything in my life! :wonder: