Im new check out my char!


ok im a newb, but i was hopin some of u guys could look @ my stuff this is a char that i made up one day in spanish class, i liked him, so i did a pick on illustrator. the color’s off cause i had to convert it to jpeg. anyways here it is:

btw, his name is Quackor (i know its kind of stupid)


lawl Nice job. You’d be perfect to make a comic strip out of that and I like that kind of alien design. Keep it up :smiley:


thx, actually i did make a short strip w/ him, i never finished it though, maybe one day. . lol, thx again, hope to hear from more ppl


:lol: I can’t beleve you did that :lol: what about the other ones??? that dou did in Glissons class were are they??


this is a pic from a while ago, i’ve gotten better @ bodies since. This is the last original pic i have that can fit in my scanner, the rest is poster sized. Ill try to get some of those up here too, somehow… Anyways here it is. BTW if u want to see some of my unoriginal work tell me, theyre not copies, just eyeballed them. somethin to do with my spare time.


lawl as I said before I cannot wait to see the comic. Nice Sketch