Im new help plz

Hey im just getting into this game and im looking at peoples combos and ect. and im trying 2 understand what it means like 2b 1b 5a and ect.If somone and help me it would be great.TY

Look at a number pad on your PC, 5 is “neutral”, 2 is “Down” on your stick/pad, B, A, refer to the buttons in game.

To be more specific to Audio’s post, think of your analog stick/d-pad as:


So if you see something like 6C, it means hold right and press C.

As for the letters themselves, A,B,C refer to Light, Medium, and Hard attacks.

say for example in the tatsunoko vs capcom booklet Ryu’s shinku hadouken is half circle foward AT AT, on this forum it would read 41236AB

Sry for the inconvience but can i get a letter brake down a little bit more i understand the numbers just need to know which attacks are which letters ty.Btw im using a gamecube controler if that means anything. lol

Well the actual game refers to the button strengths as: Light(L),Medium(M),Heavy(H),Partner§.

On the forums we refer to it them as:


How you map them out on a Gamecube controller is your business so I wouldn’t know what actual button on the GC controller to refer to them as.

Any info you need can be found in the newbie thread though so go there and Keits can close this up quickly.

On the Gamecube Controller, the defaults are:
Light Attack/A: Y button
Medium Attack/B: A button
Heavy Attack/C: X button and L button
Partner: B button

And the R button is A+B+C/Dash, Z button is Taunt.