I'm new here and i joined to be obnoxious so please roast me senpais


Fuck star wars! And fuck any of u assholes who buy into that garbage ass franchise. I hope u all get strep for a 2 weeks and consistently step on pile of jacks in that time period. Ur mama aint shit for producing u. Trek gang 4 life…

But what I really love is Strawberry Shortcake because that’s how I roll. I don’t throw fireballs, I throw pie slices because I’m not a full grown ass clown that can afford the whole pie. I gotta be economical so I only get half assed laughs at my corny ass. Doesn’t matter that there are rules anywhere I’m just going to walk in here and pretend to be cool so people can be friends. Let me also insult a mod because I’m just that OG.

This is me throwing pies:

And this is what I look like when I’m writing my cartoontherkin fan fiction about my tumblr humor personality:

But this place is so boring because you guys don’t do cool cosplays like my peoples:

That’s me flexing on people because I’m thug like that on the streets like that with a type like that. You guys don’t even smoke crack and you don’t even have crack guns like I do:

I have Two Guns because that’s the number of weeks I’m gonna be away from GD because I just wanted to be obnoxious. Don’t be too mean My Oni-chans, well have the thug power inside of us like my other cosplay:


Im white btw

Please do not come to GD just to be obnoxious, then insult a mod, and then proceed to be a tryhard.

Thank you,




Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure. Whatever Ruckus.


Why are so many people hating on beta?







Its bad enough whites pushed christianity throughout history like a mixtape at the swap meet. But i can not stand how yall slob for that horrible franchise. Its a slap to the face to all of science fiction.


You’re Canadian.

We forgive you.

(You can’t help it)


I don’t like star wars either.
They’re ok movies, at least the original trilogy , but for it to blow up with all that merchandise for it for this long is ridiculous.


I don’t even know how to feel about this thread right now.

You guys have 5 hours; make them count.


Thank u. That still what astounds me today. There are sooo much better science fiction shit yet people still flock to that shit. Its unfair bro. Why are people so stupid


I just want to know whose alt this is, man.

You’re the mod.

Run 'dat IP.


Aye, man. Fuck u


@Pertho I reiterate :lol:


No alt here. Tell em mod. Just dont like star wars. I do this shit on every forum ive joined.


A true thug doesn’t explicate his M.O.

Maybe you ARE White.


So you join forums specifically to act like an idiot?


That seems to be the trend here…


I always meant to ask you this, but for some reason never got around to it over this last decade+

Is your screen name a protest against O.G. Mr. Howard’s attire?

or is it yomi appreciation for chicks wearing dresses?


Please stop joining forums.