I'm new here, and I would like to introduce myself, and ask a question

My name is Dexter, or ErXtDe. That is my name on youtube and everything else. I’m 14 years old, and just got into fighting games. I used to be big with minecraft, and any survival sandbox games. But then I learned about Maximillian dood, because he played MvC2 with Mike Ross. Max was a huge inspiration for me to play fighting games now, and probably the rest of my life. I am very funny and smart at sometimes, then most of the time I’m just a huge asshole. But lets get that out of the way, and talk about why I put up this forum.

I’m trying to make a fighting game. Whole new idea, new characters, new story, new everything. No copyrighted characters, stages, etc. But, I’m not experienced with any fighting game engines. Except the MUGEN engine (which is still hard to use). And here is the question, if I try to the best of my ability, and try to make it as far away from MUGEN as possible. Could I possibly sell it on steam for early access? Its not gonna be a BIG, GIANT price like 14-15 dollars. I’m talking about a 0.99 cent, 1-2 dollar game? I’m not here to start any arguements, I would like to ask, that if you have a different opinion, Plz don’t argue. Thank you for listening, and I hope I can make an awesome game for you guys! Bye! ^~^

Scrub-diddly-ub u hav noe skilz, yu wel nevar maek muni oph steem. u shuld cwit naow. nuub.\

Edit: Seriously though, good luck with the project. If it’s your first game then I would recommend making it free, but that’s just me.


Edit: forgive my laughter, but the fact you want to make a fighting game in MUGEN(that engine is bunk as fuck) and are already thinking about putting a game up on early access to sell is just a sure fire way for no one to take your game seriously. It looks like you’ve implied that fighting games are new for you, so to make a fighting game when you have no expert knowledge of the genre is just gonna shoot your games credibility.

Besides you’re 14, you have an enormous amount of time to learn shit. I regret starting to get into coding lua “late” during my final year of high school. I’m not trying to discourage you from making this game, but your intent on selling a broken game for money will simply not make you money.

Use your time to learn fighting game design, play a bunch of fighting games through owned copies, arcades, emulators whatever. You also need to look at design in a philosophical level nigga.

Go ahead and develop something on MUGEN or whatever, just don’t expect to sell it and expect money.

EDIT: alsofuckingmaximillianlmfao

Welcome to SRK

To be frank, you may want to avoid subjects related to MUGEN altogether, especially as far as the FGC are concerned (because, 99.9% of the time, nobody in the FGC is not going to concern themselves with MUGEN-based fighting games for a variety of reasons… which in retrospect makes sense due to what the majority of MUGEN fighting games actually consist of… and it is ridiculously juvenile and laughable to say the least.

If you would like to learn how to make fighting games or even video games for that matter… on a professional level…
If you’re into the 3D fighting game aspect, Unity would probably be a good place to start (overtime). Look up Unity and the projects that relate to them. You also have Unreal Engine which can potentially be versatile. Then you have subjects like Game Maker for example. It would be a good idea to understand the progress of how to make a video game in the first place, even if your experience is limited.
You may also want to learn what makes a good fighting game in the first place. What does it offer? What does it inspire? What makes it unique? What target demographics will you go for? And, so much more. There is quite a lot of forethought you must put into video games.

Expecting to sell your first game is more or less madness. Ambition’s fine, but it needs to be tempered by a good sense of realism, of which your opening post shows none.

Let me try to rephrase. I wouldn’t want to sell it, I know MUGEN is shit. But the thing I’m asking is that if I could sell it if it used the MUGEN engine. I spent all night trying to make a sprite, and I figured I’m not cut out for this. Thanks for the help with this, but uhhhhh, I’m not gonna try this

A. The bolded. Did you not realize you contradicted yourself there?

B. No one is even gonna pay a dollar for a Mugen based fighter.

C. I actually respected your hussle and drive for a sec there. Only 14 and trying to learn how to make games? That’s cool. But then you tell us you quit after only trying once to make a sprite? What you thought this was gonna be easy? Just learn how to make a game overnight and then sell it and get rich the next night? Son I’m disappointed.

There’s people here who will help you and give you advice on how to go about this, but you have to realize this is a process. You will not learn and master game design in just a few days, or even in a month. I’m talking a minimum of one year. and at 14 yrs old this is the perfect time to learn a skill. No blls, no job, just school. If you commit yourself to learning it, I’d say by 15 you’ll have a good understanding of game design and be able to make something basic. By 16 you’ll be able to make something even better. By 18 you should be able to have something that people would pay for. But that’s up to you to make that commitment.

Holy shit this is the funniest thread I think I’ve ever seen on FGD.

Fucking Mugen and Maximillian LMFAO. Holy shit I thought this guy was a copypasta for a sec, the dude is 14 and is already on the lookout for a get-rich-quick scheme on that early access train, BRUH YOU AINT EVEN PLAYED A FIGHTING GAME YET.

I would play the shit out of that MUGEN game with Evil Shin Super Saiyan Ken just for you buddy.

This is a prime example of trying to run before you can walk. Bruce Wayne didn’t turn into Batman the day after his parents got offed. You’re 14, idealistic, and naive. Which is fine 14 year olds are supposed to be idealistic and naive. You know how you make money at that age, cutting lawns. Take the time to learn the skills you need while still in a spot where you’re being taken care of by your parents. Also make sure you understand the games you’re trying to make before you actually start trying to make them. You don’t even mention games/mechanics you like.

“Let me try to rephrase. I wouldn’t want to sell it, I know MUGEN is shit. But the thing I’m asking is that if I could sell it if it used the MUGEN engine.” - Can we get this on a plaque somewhere?

I assume from here words are wasted, doubt he’ll be regularly returning here now. As a second small thing I noticed, the second postee on this thread joined around the same time as he did and only has one post specifically one in this thread and it sounds like someone around that age too, d-did he make a fake account to reply to his own thread? I digress. This shit was hilarious, I had similar ideas that never came to fruition at that age too but didn’t have the internet to make myself look like an ass when I gave up the next day/week.

This is what I love about SRK even when I’m on the receiving end of it. No matter who you are or how old, people will tell to you like it is for what it is. If you’re doing something the right way, you will have the community’s support and they’ll tell you you’re doing a good job and mean it. If you go about something the wrong way like this kid, you will be called out for your bullshit and told why you’re wrong. And a lot of people now’n’days can’t handle such harsh in your face truth, hence why most people after getting chewed out stick to lurking. Glad I didn’t do the same.

Oh and yes we do need to immortalize that part of his post. That is a shining example of why so many indie devs fail and quit. Thinking about making money before making a good game. So much so they’d try to use the bare minimum ( in this case mugen ) to make a game then try to sell a sub par at best product for profit. Then bitch when no one buys their sub par game.

Because he’s 14 I’ll refrain from linking it, but check out his YouTube channel if you want a quick laugh.

“If you see this guy, tell him to 1v1 me in MvC2”

Sad thing about that video was that peacock totally had a bunch of options to get out of parasols agressive zoning.

…sigh I really need to get encore.

Well boy, if you try really hard, you can make something decent out of MUGEN, but you didn’t even try.

Of course the majority of MUGEN games are shit, 99% of everything is shit (especially if it’s accessible), it’s Sturgeon’s law. Most of its community doesn’t take the engine seriously.

He tried to jump in with her even though she has some of the better long range options IIRC. I couldn’t even.

She also has a teleport too

This has got to be some overly elaborate troll

No way that gamertag is for real, even 14 year olds aren’t that awful.


You just learned a valuable life lesson:

Don’t link his vids he don’t deserve the traffic. Also most people when getting zoned try to pick well timed jump ins, use projectiles of his own, assist of their own etc but his solution to that guy’s zoning was trying to use the auto hit when a character raw tags in? FUCKING GENIUS! new tech people!

This thread is still active…?