I'm new here......hi

Thought I’d try submiting art here… This is a drawing I did of sakura and ryu…I inked it and then took it into photoshop… I’m still a newb when it comes to PS…so any advice you can spare would be nice.

Wow…that’s some crappy quality right there… it would probably be better if I knew how to post it in a better quality… anyways…here’s a link to it on my webpage for anyone interested…www.deviantart.com/deviation/3503209/ …thx

guess I shoulda just stuck with deviantart… atleast I got a few comments there…

It looks nice. You have a great art talent. Great work!!!

Welcome!!! :slight_smile:

I like it, but theres not a whole ton of people that come to this section, look at the other threads and how many replies they have, its not alot. Theres thousands of people at devart that look at your category of art so you will get more views and replies.

umm…i cant look at your pic from this computer, but devart is crap!! aghh, cant believe i reccomended this once.

still better than mine!!:o


Nick… Welcome

You know I’ve already looked at it. Good stuff. You’ll get more comments by tomorrow.

lol…sorry bout that last comment… not having a very good day… in fact I’ve been chewed out throughout the day… D, you know that feeling too don’tcha.

Pic still brings water to my eyes.

lol…it is funny.