Im new here, Whats EASIER/BETTER? making a SF4 Arcade Stick OR Buying & MODDING One?


So, whats up… im new on these forums. lots of people refer these forums when it comes to fight sticks, and SF4…

i was basically wondering your opinions… what would you do? this is just basically out of curiousity, and your legitimate reasons or personal preferred opinions on why as well.

SOoooo… either buy a SE Edition MadCatz FightStick & MOD, OR buy a Hori Ex2 FightStick & MOD… modded w/ all SANWA Parts of course… unless i somehow come up on a TE FighStick… Hehe.

OR… option numero dos.

Use the PCB off of a wired 360 controller, and make my own CUSTOM MODDED Arcade FightStick, using ALL Sanwa parts of course… I figured, any way i look at it i would have ordered and modded any of the 3 options w/ ALL SANWA parts… unless it was the TE Ed. w/ Sanwa parts stock.

the option of making my own would be in my budget and i’m thinking definitely under $100…

and w/ the options of getting a SE or HoriEx2 would be around that price to begin w/ assuming i order off craigslist… and then at least another $50+ for parts. almost the same cost as the TE Ed.

So,… what do you guys think? Oh, also… i’ve never hard-modded anything in my life, but i have soldered before, and have very still hands… and have lots of confidence when it comes to stuff like this. just never had the time for it… although i have soft-modded lots of different consoles before.


Modding an existing stick is much easier as it’s mostly plug & play. The added benefit is that you’ll have a stick you can use even before you mod it, instead of having nothing until you’re done making your own.


modding a hori ex 2 is not simply plug and play. modding a SE stick is plug and play. and you wont be able to do it for cheaper than 100.



U get it? Search around the forums millions of threads nad decide. IMO get an SE and mod it, thats the easiest thing to do

But yes like I said, RESEARCH


Modding one is easier but making your own insures its exactly how you like it.


i ended up finishing a project i was working on w/ a friend… well, one he started… then i finished. i will post pics later… i already made a post about it… cherry-mahogany finish wooden box, and white-black ryu & chun-li graphic under plexiglass, plus… yellow or whatever color SF4 logo, of course… thing is SWEET… all original HAPP Buttons!!


What’s easiest? Reading pinned topics.


If you can find a Madcatz SE I would say get that and swap out for Sanwa parts. Took me all of 15-20 mins to swap out everything thanks to the quick disconnects it comes with from Madcatz. The Hori EX2 is another story as the buttons are soldered on directly to the board and really small form factor. The SE is a good compromise between this and the TE in terms of size.


Why do you randomly capitalize “all” and “Sanwa”?


Haha, quoted for truth.

These new threads are getting stupid: 3 new threads every time an online store has FightSticks in stock, starting threads asking questions that have been answered in stickied threads 50x over.

There should be a six month requirement before anyone can start new threads because of crap like this.