I'm new. Isn't it obvious?


I bought TvC used a week or so ago (let the joking commence), and I’m just looking for some connections with the community, if there is still one left. I played MvC3 for a while with my friends and since I don’t own an Xbox 360, I bought TvC to get my fighting game fix. The first night that I had it, my friend and I really took to it and agreed that in our personal opinions, it was much more balanced than MvC3.

Perhaps sharing this information is futile, but it feels good. ANYWAY…I just wanted to see if there is anyone up for playing online sometime. Friend code: 1764-4950-2071 and my name online is Leoheart.

I’m not really any good, but enjoy playing…

I feel awkward.

Hey I just bought this game myself! I will add you!