I'm new on SRK, but I was wondering if anyone could help me customize my fightstick's faceplate

I’m looking to make a new faceplate for my fightstick and I was wondering if anyone knew someone who could make nice graphics voluntarily or for a small fee. I suck at making quality images especially since I don’t have any programs like photoshop…

I’m using a Madcatz TE Round 2 fightstick for SSF4 and MK9, so I wanted my four favorite characters to be incorporated in the image. I wanted Ermac, Stryker, E. Honda, and Fei Long to be in the image (they don’t necessarily have to be interacting with each other). If all four is too much, then Ermac and E. Honda would be my main picks.

If you know anyone (or are that someone) that would be willing to help out, let me know! Thank you!

There is a whole fricking forum dedicated to modding you know.

I guess I didn’t write that I’m new here enough… sorry.

Also, thank you for getting me in the right direction!

That’s not really an excuse to NOT use the search function though…

Give him a break. Stop being a douche forum police. Every newcomer deserves a little friendly reminder, not a harsh GTFO attitude.

“I’m new” is the new “I’m not gonna read”.