Im new to 3rd Strike


Anything I should know? I plan to play professionaly. Pointers are much appreciated:D


professionally? whats the hour pay for starting scrubs?


iono why don’t u check ur receipt


i would but i lost it, seems we have the same job tho. correction, i’m your supervisor.


i c then give me a raise :mad:

its been to long :lol:

anywayz what can i say like everygame play more against people and ull get better learn when to parry and mindgames…


play chun li. period.




ok here i am being productive…

Start off by playing RYU. Knoweverything this game engine has to offer. UOH’s, dashes, quickrises etc. Then get a feel of the combo/juggle timings. Know what resets are. Ryu has a reset after his ex joudan kick. its jab then sa1 after that.

Know that u can perform reset combos after u’ve hit em in the air. know that u can parry ur way out of reset combos.

learn how to multi hit parry. Start with shinku hadoukens, then with tatsumaki’s. Then try parrying chun’s sa 1 to graduate. :slight_smile:

learn the properties of grabs. learn what u can do after a parry. cancell low.fwd into sa1 even after it gets parried.

well those are basic stuffs i guess, late nite, cant think. >_<