I'm new to fanart section and art in general


Hello everyone!

First let me say after seeing everyones work it’s safe to say their are some really skilled people on this forum. i mean just wow!

So, i’m walking through a book store and i see one of those “how to draw manga” books. I buy it on a whim and read it. all i can say is now i’m hooked.

to make a street fighter reference, when a person begins to play street fighter it is easy to come to the assumption that they game is just special move and if you learn those moves you will be victorous. Then when you come to a place like srk you relize there was more to the game then you ever imagned. So what i’m saying is “how to draw manga” was like comming to srk for drawing.

I want to draw, but i don’t really know much i’ve never takin an art class or anything. I’m trying to go through the book and work on different body parts before i try making and actual person or character.

I’m having real trouble with hands and feet. they always look really fat and just plain stupid. i relize posting some of my failed attempts at hands and feet would be the best method for you guys to give me pointers but i have no means to do that.

I realize rome wasn’t built in a day so i’m not asking for any “make me great in a day tips.” so if anyone could give me sugestions on how to draw hands and feet better or examples i can follow i would really appreciate it. thanks!


Hey man. Here’s a bit of help in response to your thread.

the main thing I can tell you is this. PRACTICE. I can’t say this loud enough, often enough, or well enough. practice will help you overcome whatever problems you think you have, as well as ironing out the ones you don’t even know about yet. The more practice you get, the better you will get and sooner too.

Here’s a trick that I’ve used to help me get past the problems you’ve already listed. It’s frowned upon by some, but it is THE most effective way I’ve ever seen.

Depending upon your type of art, go and get work from that particular type…And try to copy it.

Hang on there. I mean look at it and try to copy each line as you see it onto paper. Most artsts think this will only make you into a copycat, but for me, I learned what I needed and left. I can now do full-fledged art from my own hand without so much as a hint of help from anything or anyone, and I owe it all to that forbidden style. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.



Life DRAWING is the Key…

as stated above ,this cant be stressed enough- you also gotta get sources from LIFE. life drawing/Figure Drawing, everyday activities- you said that you have problems drawing hands and feet , get someone to model for you or if none is available, get a Mirror, and practice in front of it-- as much as possible- no artist should be without his or her mirror for a quick referance…if you have access to an art school try and get in to do some Life drawing classes indeed- not only will you see your drawings improve, but also it will be at a far quicker rate than someone tryin to pick it up on their own- the manga books help to boost the creativity level- but dont rely solely on them…Peace.


Hands and Feet.

That’s all I ever hear from my students, so don’t worry it a tough hurdle to cross.

It’s good your learning structure though from the ground up though, something I wished I had done from the begining.

Treating all your subjects (Real Life or from your head) as 3D objects is a good way to think. Especially with hands and feet. Start with the basic shapes and once they are right stuff sculpting your pic from there.

Oh, and do what Starhammer and GunstarheroBlaq say too. The Mirror tip is an excellent one.

There is also a tips thread around here too. Use that. Then you can learn from our mistakes too.

The Antarctic Press ‘How To Draw Manga’ series I thought were more helpful than the other How To Draw manga Book series. They explain alot about the little things like buildings, cars, clothing and stuff. There fight scene tutorial is excellent. (Thanks Adam Warren)


Life DRAWING is the Key…

Yup what he says is the key to victory.


Life DRAWING is the Key…

Haha, you use a mirror too?.. Or is really recommended by artists… I thought I’m the only one who uses one!.. Haha…


thanks for the feedback guys.
heres some examples. i copied the cat girl to get an idea for making hands. i relize they are huge.
be nice!


some more




more. i did this one to practice drawing cloth and stuff to get a feel for the variation in fabric. I’m probably getting ahead of myself but i can’t leave something unfinished.


drew as ajoke when my freind mistokk the sheet picture to be a mermaid.

i think this it is a good example of my personal improvement not because i think it’s decent or anything. ( it clearly isn’t) but i did it in a couple minutes. i never would have been able to do that in a couple mintues a week ago.


drew in ms paint while waiting 2 minutes between each post


the most important thing to me is drawing the basic shapes, break down the figure into cylinders and spheres and draw that, its much easier than drawing from scratch. Learn to draw nude figures before you put clothes on them.

I use mirrors too. I use mirrors to draw muscles on ryu. :stuck_out_tongue:


These terms on what’s said above is agreed with me. Practice makes perfect ( or perfection even ), you just have to hang in there and overcome fustrations that bound you.

Once again, Practice…



Takes time you have potential tho! :slight_smile:


That Mermaid pic is Helluva funny:lol: