I'm new to Q. Any tips?

Any newbie bnb combos any one can tell me? And what are bad match ups with Q? I’m trying to learn this guy but he’s kinda hard to use. Any tips?

Bad matchups : all except Sean.
‘Need miracles to win’ matchups : Makoto, Ibuki.

What you need to know : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mSZc3e2vhQ

You won’t win unless you taunt 3 times. Which a lot of people online will let you do.

How do you cancel SAII from a Dashing Punch after a C&DB and make it connect? Whenever I cancel into SAII from a Dashing Punch juggle the cancel comes out but the opponent is already getting flown back from the Dash Punch making the SA2 miss/not connect. Do I have to do the Dash Punch later so it hits their upper body/head so that the SAII will connect on their legs? Or am I doing it too late and need to do the Dashing Punch earlier in their descent? It’s just annoying that I hitconfirm perfectly on the juggle but the Dash Punch knocks them away before the Super hits…

do it later.

you need to dash punch later than you are currently. wait till they’re further down the screen.

also thats not a hit confirm. theres nothing to confirm, you know you’re going to hit all of that if cdb lands. if it doesnt hit, you cant cancel into super anyway.
hit confirming is being able to tell you’re moves are hitting and in reaction to them hitting you cancel into special/super. you can only cancel a move if you’re attacks are being blocked or are hitting, if you whiff you can’t cancel. just wanted to clarify in case you weren’t quite sure about that term.

what you described is just a cancel. there seems to be some confusion about the term hit confirm with maybe some of the players less familiar with 3s.

I guess I need to practice more. Kinda hard since characters fall at different speeds and hard to gauge the timing especially when doing C&DB>Dashing Overhead. That always gives me the most trouble since you need to activate it very early in the fall for the overhead punch to connect compared to dash straight.

yea q has a lot of timings for character specific combos. shouldnt be too hard to remember them all if you just keep playing for like a month.

What makes Ibuki and makoto tough for Q to deal with?

Makoto beats out pretty much everything Q can do in close range, and it’s very easy for her to get close. Karakusa will beat out BOTH SA1 and SA2. The air-to-air game is also in her favor since Tsurugi alone will beat out almost anything Q tries. This is Q’s worst matchup.

Ibuki isn’t actually all that bad compared to other characters. She’s still pretty tough(she naturally has an advantage over all the big characters in the game), but I’d say she’s more manageable than certain other bad matchups like Ken or Alex.

ESN’s technically right in that Q has a lot of bad matchups, but most of them are very manageable if you know the strategies for them. 6-4 in 3rd Strike could barely be considered a “bad matchup”; it just means the opponent’s character has somewhat better tools than you do.

6-4 is basically 5-5. nothing is that specific. it’s all essentially bullshit. now really i don’t even have the right to say this but i’m relating what i’ve heard from people who do.

basically there are good matchups, ok matchups, and bad matchups. thats really it. anything more specific is just people desperately wanting some kind of ‘data’ to cling to as evidence that their inferiority isn’t solely their fault.

I know you know that aku. i just wanted to say that before it comes up again or someone makes a stupid comment.

Q is hella sick.

as for dash punching. twins and oro move the same in the air. so like if you do a mid screen double dash punch do STRONG overhead dash, then jab dash. normally its like jab overhead, jab dash against shotos and others. some characters are easier to connect more damaging stuff on but generally strong dash punch, jab dash punch works on like everyone in the corner.

Hardest thing I have trouble connecting is in the corner against Makoto/Shotos C&DB-> Strong Dash Punch->Strong Dash Punch. I can get it like 2/5 times requires super tight charge buffering and early dash punch so that they fall right ontop of the last active frames of the first Dash Punch but not too early that you whiff. The basically pray you’ve charged enough and have enough time to link it into another MP dsh punch. Does more damage than the typical C&DB->Jab Dash->HP.

Since most people have a hard time doing this, here’s a tip; To get HP Dash Punch to connect after SA2, whiff one crouching jab and then Dash Punch. Works every time.

You can just do Jab Dash Punch->Jab Dash Punch on Makoto/Shotos. MP Dash Punch has a greater chance of making the Shotos fly away from the corner, making you lose positional advantage. Also, you can just do LP Overhead Punch -> LP Dash Punch if you’re not confident enough in landing Double Straights. It doesn’t do as much stun but the difference in overall damage is very small.

If you’re really hard-pressed on landing C&DB->MP Straight->MP Straight on Shotos, you have to be a certain distance away from the opponent’s side of the corner. At least enough space between the opponent’s back and the wall so that the last MP Straight will hit the opponent when he touches the wall. If the opponent’s wall is already touching the wall after the first MP Straight, just substitute the next one for LP Straight instead.

Fun bit of trivia, the two juggles mentioned above are the ONLY ways you’ll be able to do Double Straight Punches against Hugo.

Another trick I wanna learn how to do is this: http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2n6ylur&s=7 I can’t figure out how the heck to do this!!

HK C&DB, (hold :b:), :f:, :b: (hold) + :hp:, (when you hit) :f: (hold), :b: (as soon as you can) + HP

There are timing difficulties on each dash activation (specially the 2nd one due to the charge direction swap) but this is how to do it.