Im new to street fighter,help please

ok so i have spent loads of hours in training mode and when i go online i loose like 95% of the time its so annoying i just want to know if street fighter is really complicated then i mean really really complicated if it is how can i learn the spacing and frame traps and all that shit. Thanks in advance

Practice, play, read the character forums.
If you are new to Street Fighter, you have to invest time before you see some progress.

****ok any character you recomend that i use and practise with i have been using ryu and guy i really like guy i do as bad with him as i do with ryu

Dont think of winning matches now,hang out in the trial for hours and see how the combos work.pick ryu & practice with patience.also see the ryu sub-forum here in srk.

Hi guys, I previously played the game at my friend’s house on console a little bit. I suck online really bad ( PC version). To make it short, which character is the best for a beginner? Oh , I can’t stand ryu and ken, almost everybody plays as them online… I use PS2 pad with adapter.

most people worth anything have been playing for years. Knowing frame traps won’t do shit for you.

ok so this game needs patiance to be good at it and i dont need a stick do i? i have an mad catz control pad thats good enough?

Ok, I make the question different. Which character is the easiest to play with beginner+gamepad whose name isn’t ryu or ken? :nunchuck:

You can be pretty good with pads. In fact most of the top french plays with pad, and so do the player considered best in europe.
Edit: you can play them all. Except maybe viper.

and one more problem i cant seem to find people with green connection only yellow any idea what that is my internet mabey?

i like ryu but i want to be more on the offense akuma mabey but if i get punished im fucked i really like guy is he any good?

Learn to edit your replies, too.

just started herea few hours ago i will get the hang of thins soon i hope:)

Merci beaucoup, first part cleard, now, which character is the best for a beginner? I’m from Europe, too, by the way :smokin:

Plays someone you like and you’re confortable with.

So far, I played the arcade mode on hardest difficulty, chun li was the easiest to beat seth with. Is she any good online? I liked Juri and Zangief , too.

No matter who you pick or who picks for you…expect to get bodied against other people many times until you master that character.

yeah but its still annoying but it its fun if u win matches in between

Play in endless mode, find someone a bit stronger than you and lpay a few match until he’s bored, repet from step1.
Better, find a local forum and play with the members, it’s better than unknow people. :slight_smile:

Pick a character you like and stick with them is the best advice I can give to someone new. It takes a while to get used to a character’s moveset so if you’re constantly switching your progress is going to be very slow.