Im new to tekken and need help with practice mode

i was wondering if anyone can please point me to or create a resource for practicing defense in tekken 7. ive looked online and people say you should go into practice mode and use repeat action to practice defending against common strings and stuff like that. repeat action only has like ten slots, can anyone tell me what the most important moves to fill those slots with for every character. i only wanna fill the slots with stuff thats possible to react to or low parry or is used as a gimmick online.

there is a top15 move list which some people created but at the end its very subjective and you can of course encounter things ingame which are not listed up

The most important strings are those you get bodied by.

To be more precise:
I used to get my ass handed to me by Paul’s FC d/f+1+2 (that fist sweep) so I went into practice mode to realize the first move is reactable but not very unsafe (-12 or -11 or some shit), so I recorded that move, and Paul doing 2-3 other things from full crouch, that fuck me up when I duck and set those recordings to random intervals to make sure I learn to actually react to that move either with a low block into WS+4 or a low parry into a big combo and not just go through the motions knowing that it will come every time.

Now all I had to do is add some Pauls I met online and like to use that move to friends and play with those guys.

Basically you repeat that shit over and over again with all the stuff that fucks you up and in a couple of years you’re hopefully gonna be a great Tekken player.

I mean that shit sounds daunting, but the good news is that a lot of these punishable strings and moves are carbon copies of other character’s moves and often times even have similar visual cues and similar properties.
I mean if you’ve learned how to duck punish one mid, mid, high string, or one snake edge, all you gotta to is practice to identify them and it’s all the same.

I dunno if I do this properly or if that’s how good players learn the game because I’m shit and old as fuck on top of that, so take this with a grain of salt, but I personally have to go through the moves one by one and practice defending against them in a controlled environment first, and take it online after that or shit just does not stick.

Yea I encounter the same annoying moves online and eventually I go to practice mode or look at frame data or youtube and practice how to deal with those moves.