Im new Using Iori Help!



I need help. What is his basic bnb combo im going to use him in the A-Groove also so any help on the CC and some regular combos I should Pull off during a match. And if you can post his best pokes to help would be nice:) :cool:


Good Pokes
C. roundhouse
S. roundhouse
S. forward
low jump roundhouse (not for P, obviously)

Simplest AA CC
lp dp, c.rh x N, whatever in the corner, maiden masher

Later on, you can start using dp cancel CCs.

Basic BnB is close fiere, rekka kens. You can precede that with scum gale or j.rh. the, f+mp, rekka ken bnb gives you 100 more damage, and is harder to time, so theres no point in doing it really, unless off of stun or something. The easiest BnB to hit with is c. lk x 3, rekka kens. I believe the fierce, rekka kens does more damage.

By the way, in case you dont know, rekka kens are the qcb+ fp x 3


Normally, I’d be extremely pissed at a question like this, but right now I’m feeling nice.

Go to the Iori section. Even WITHIN the last 30 days there is a thread on A-Iori, so there’s no reason you should be asking such a stupid question… but for more tips, adjust the setting at the bottom to show threads from the beginning instead of the last 30 days.

It’s not that hard.