Im new.....

To zbattle, how does it work?

Well fuck you guys.

Ummmm…hi? Wanna fight my Gief sometime?

I have to know how to use zbattle first. BUUUUUUTT, people wanna be an ass about it.
The anwsers are closer than you think
Search feature :PP

Well I decided to take you off my ig. list because for some reason I like you.
P.S. I’m straight for dumbasses who might say otherwise.

Fuck, zbattle ain’t working.

Could we try FBA cause zbattle’s not working on xp anytime soon.

The Zbattle server is down at the moment…should be back up very soon. Once the server is back up, you might want to consider disabling the XP firewall (control panel->network connection->advanced->uncheck protect my pc) as that often blocks the connection between you and your opponent.

Damn you know this is a forum right?.. not a chatroom… realtime doesn’t exist here… be patient… or better yet do some searching or find an FAQ.


Its not that, it says something about 16bit programs not going to work on this thing.

Fatherbrain, lets discuss the challenge here from now on, okay. BTW, could you assist me on raiden triad as soon as we get things together and have a friendly match.