I'm not dead: But is Evo?

For those of you who do not know who I am, allow me a moment to introduce myself…

I am Phil, AKA: Jinsogood and Philth.
I played SF for many years, ive attended evo for the last 5 years, and was once perhaps considered a top player at Cvs2.
Perennial troll, I was a scourge of general discussion for many moons.
My opinion means everything.
Dont question it.

So this year, evo sucked.
Alot had to do with the venue, ghetto ass tropicana, but even the tourny itself…

Whats the deal with registration prices? 50$?
What the fuck is that about?
1st place gets like 1000$ 2nd place 200$?
If trends like this continue next years evo will be held in a Del Taco.
1st place is 2 chicken soft tacos and a medium drink.
2nd place gets a packet of ketchup.
3rd gets a paper towel.

The tournies were over priced, and the players were undercompensated.

The only thing that saved evo from being total shit this year was the people who attended. Its good to see familiar names and faces that have been part of the community… even if the majority of the community didnt attend this year.
Good friends showed up and its cool to just have an opportunity to kick it with em.

Evo was almost an excuse to have a cult following of dorks drool to the screening Bang the Machine.
I think that had more attendance then any of the finals.
Why even throw a tournament? Lets just huddle around a projection screen once a year and circle jerk to the good ole days.

Evo needs to step its game up.
Red Rock and Green Valley were better venues.
Sure you werent super close the strip…
But at least you werent in the ghetto.
Cause thats what the tropicana is. Its the ghetto.
Motel 6 got better shit then the tropicana.
Bigger TVs, better AC, shit they prolly dont charge you 5$ for a glass of OJ in the morning either.
I dont feel comfortable taking shots out of the trunk of my car except when im in the ghetto.
I dont feel comfortable smoking blunts out in the open, except when im in the ghetto.
So its nice that Evo caterd to my needs… since I felt pretty comfortable drinking and smokin in the parking lot next to a 91 civic with its bumper falling off…

Evo was hurting this year.

it was an honor to meet you at evo sir

i heard WoW consumed your life phil

I heard the same from a lot of people, but there’s already an evo subforum and if you look higher there’s a warning from mods to stop making evo threads in GD.

yeah but thats jinsogood

a gdlk poster from back in the day

I still remember when you just stole some random guy’s Fatburger a few years back. :rofl:

Must have came second huh?

This isn’t spam though. If he was talking about midgets and gay sex, then yeah…

Twas a pleasure, regardless of how sheisty the surroundings were.
Its not everyday you hear a Born Again Christian say…

“…soon as I turned Atheist I started bangin hookers and never looked back.”
(not a direct quote, but that was the jist of it)

Good for you, and good for them.


no thats pretty much exactly what i said

well its good to see you post on srk, hopefully you’ll decide to drop by more often with your hilarious posts

and yeah, fuck the tropicana. broken AC, broken toilets, broken elevators, broken escalators, paper thin walls, broken key cards, broken everything. i’d prefer to stay off the strip in a nice hotel than in a shitty hotel on the strip. only advantage offered by the strip were the hookers loitering outside the hotel.

Wasn’t the entry fee due to losing the Toyota sponsorship? I guess that would have an effect on prizes as well? Not trying to be sarcastic as I have no idea, so they are real questions.

It sucks to see such an event go downhill in the eyes of it’s small community.

Isn’t it different because Toyota is not sponsoring the event anymore? Maybe because of that reason, Green Valley Ranch, let alone Red Rock are probably very expensive venues. That’s why there is no more 5k grand prize (wouldn’t be surprised if toyota foot the bill) and the pot numbers are directly proportionate to the amount of people entered. Early registration was not 50 dollars, and why not? The opportunity to play SFIV and the new games was the draw to try and get a return on their investment from the venue, the catering (they didn’t have to supply us with finger foods or water), the equipment, the promotional items, and the labor.

Sure, tropicana isn’t the most lavish location on the strip, but given the circumstances, it wasn’t bad. Hell, it could have been worse. They could have held EVO in California Hotel or some downtown place if they are primarily going for cost effectiveness. Would you be happy if EVO was held in GVR, in exchange for the registration fee to be raised from 50 to a possible 75 or 150 dollars? Or pay for rented space in the BYOC? Charge people at the door to view finals?

So unless EVO gets more money via sponsorship or setup the event where Exhibitors willing to drop cash to sell stuff to players (arcade stick vendors, or small up and coming fighting game companies for example), or have crazy amount of registrants to make a profit… don’t keep your hopes high on playing Street Fighter at Mandalay Bay or GVR.

I didn’t realize thing had gotten that bad, how did it effect the turnout? I would hate to see Evo go away in the next few years.

Shoulda seen the one time Ronin almost ruined it for me.

Fatburger Employee: "Steve, your order is ready, Steve."
Me: “Uh, yeah, im Steven.” Grabs Burger
Ronin: walking up out of nowhere “HEY PHIL LETS GO GRAB A BEER!”

walks away quickly

Haven’t seen you around srk in forever. Good to know you still lurk from time to time.:smile:

Turnout was pretty low this year, I dunno if it had to do with the venue or raise in registration prices.
But tons of top players didnt show.

It was prolly the payout that effected it the most.
There just wasnt enough reward to players that couldve easily top 8d but wouldve got nothing for making it there.

By the way, you should drive down towards LV Blvd from Tropicana on the northside at about 6:30 am during the week. When you pass by Excalibur, you can count up to 4 or 5 hookers walking back from the strip to the apartment complexes near the overpass / the Orleans. I waved at them and they waved back. :rofl:

Here’s a question, “What do you suppose the EVO staff should do to raise enough paper to bring the Event back to GVR or at a high quality venue with a payout high enough to compensate the traveling?”

Agree with everything Philth says as well as more stuff that has been bugging me.

I feel like the organizers have really dropped the ball in the past few years in terms of making EVO into a bigger and better experience for the spectators (which is what we all become anyway when we dont make top 8).

There hasn’t been an actual BYOC room in what, 3-4 years? Forcing people to go find the hotel rooms where shit is popping off.

The finals used to be really cool, with a roped-off walkway area that the top eight would stroll down on their way to the stage surrounded by a huge room filled with chairs lined up in rows but this year there were chairs for roughly 60% of the spectators and they were all lumped around in various disarray.

There were practically no cool featured side tournaments (sf4 is only one i witnessed), and the announcing was pretty subpar.

Maybe Im in the minority but I want to see booths with people selling games, selling capcom apparel, booths with people from Udon, all that shit - make this supposed biggest tourney in the US an EVENT.

I feel like the organizers have been content these past few years to sit back and put on a standard tourney for their circle of friends and whoever else wants to show. Our featured tourney slots are taken by games 10-15 years old. Something has to be done because shit is stagnant

Hookers is everywhere.
But the Cougars are at Hooters.

A: Find a new sponsor / start making this a more convention type event.

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