I'm not dead: But is Evo?

What about the part where you pulled them over or where you handed over the cash? Or where you dumped them face first in a ditch by the side of the road? Your story is so incomplete…

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. Here are the facts:

Prices: Evo registration started off at $30, only $10 more than previous years. When we get near the deadline we raise the price. Why? To encourage people to register early so we can get an accurate count. This is a standard practice.

Tropicana: One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we got over the last three years was that people wanted to be on the strip. Lots of players felt isolated when the venue was a good 10 minute cab ride to entertainment options outside of the resort. MGM Grand was actually our first choice, but they were booked solid 4 weeks around our date. We decided that being on the strip would provide more value to players. Many players actually liked the Tropicana because it was inexpensive, and they spend most of their time either in Evo or on the strip anyway. That said, we were not happy with the quality of the Tropicana hotel or event hall, and will not be going there again.

BYOC: The BYOC has actually gotten bigger every year. It’s not in a separate room because we don’t want to fragment the event, but this year we had over 30 TVs dedicated to BYOC, more than any other year. If you think there has been no BYOC for the past 3 years you must not be paying attention. Where do you think all the side tournaments and money matches are held?

Stagnation: We would love to put on tournaments for new games. Have you got any? The fact is that there have been practically no new fighting game releases with a strong tournament scene in the past six years. This naturally has a drag on the event, as there are fewer and fewer dramas and sub-plots in the FGC. Fortunately, this is changing with SF4, HD-Remix, SC4, Tekken 6 (whenever it hits console), BB, and many others, we will be able to refresh the lineup over the next few years.

Maybe instead of one big anticipated event every year such as Evo, it should be changed to something more Grand Slam/Majors like. Evo can be like Wimbleton, the most “prestigious” one, then three others throughout the year that represent the French Open, US Open, Australian Open. The other three can be just as major as Evo with an equal production, and that way after the French Open tournament, people will be like “let’s see what he does at Evo/Wimbleton. Can he complete a Grand Slam?!” Definitely not realistic though anyway since scheduling would probably not work well and not cost feasible either…

Good info:
But id like to touch on a couple things…

Instead of encouraging people to register early by raising the price,
perhaps go with an incentive to register early, like the standard T-shirt.
You reg early, you get one, you reg late, you dont. (and then you can sell them that shirt later at the event at an inflated price, everyone wins!)

The BYOC area and tourny areas are a little hard to distinguish imo and not very well set up.
I know that sounds kind of stupid to try and structure the BYOC area, since its misc. crap… but it still needs it.
Though you would like to keep the event less fragmented, with a poorly structured BYOC area, many players just go to rooms, which can be extremely far from the event hall and other players rooms which really spreads things out.

We could definitely label things better and make it clear what areas are BYOC and what is tournament.

the attendance was good at evo,i know a good number of out of towners ec etc… didnt attend
trop elevators sucked. but it was a alotsa hoes. (more than youll see at redrock or gvr) who knows maybe u dont like girls

reg fee was more than last time, but no sponsors it costs money to get you guys t shirts, name tags, free drinks and hall/staff/equipment.

evo was hype as usual and fun

someone did recomend bringing it back to cali since gamers are a low dollar community they can house up with people. but some people love having a reason to go to vegas
so to me its a coin toss

vega: Yawwwwwwwooooooooooooo

Yo inkblot, thank you for your hard work at evo. I didn’t get a chance to say hello in person.

So to clarify - the reason evo was at tropicana this year instead of MGM was due to being able to book the date, and not because of price? Imo, if its way more expensive to get a place on the strip than it is to get one off the strip, I think most people would rather stay off the strip than at a place such as tropicana.

This. And don’t forget that the one new game they did have, they used. Smash Brawl.

Evo was amazing this year. Good shit on getting FOUR location tests at evo. I had the time of my life.

Edit - Also… Evo was CATERED, fools! Free snacks and drinks. Go complain about the cost of entry somewhere else, or register earlier.

i hope evo is on the strip next year so i can live the vegas life and put $500 on odd while throwing up the west side. and hookers.

This guy has the right idea…

I don’t think sponsorships will ever stick with Evo due to the fact that the FGC is 90% broke muhfuggas. I remember when Evo did have booth’s selling arcade sticks and other shit but I don’t think they made alot of sales. I mean really, who went out and bought a Yaris when they were sponsoring Evo? These companies aren’t just giving out free money…they expect to make that shit back but they won’t at Evo lol

I haven’t been to the last two Evo’s but I did attend 02-06 and they were all great IMO but I guess shit has fallen off since then.

Evolution 2008: Celebrating 10 years of posts asking if evolution is dead.

ECC/EVO East made EVO more hype.

There needs to be more smaller and local tournaments so people that aren’t that great get drawn in.

As for the free stuff during EVO like water shirts etc, if people want water a vending machine on the side is sufficient and you don’t have to pay for the items nor for the servants etc. If a person wants a shirt he can buy one and people should be able to pre-order them separately as well.

About selling sticks at EVO. You can use EVO to sell shit, the problem is that back then they were literally selling shit. If sticks as good as customs would be sold then people would buy. Of course if you offer over-priced garbage no one will buy.

EVO needs more sponsors, they need to see that EVO has a large turnout, but sometimes in order to see something some need to be pointed in the right direction.

No offense, but I think the documentaries made currently don’t expose the arcade fighting game scene from the angle that it needs to be in order to draw in more people, and before someone comes in and says if you think you can do better than do it then when I’m done with college I guess I will.

EVO gets sponsors. You think it’s that easy to get sponsors? Last year and the year prior they were lucky enough to land Toyota. Sponsorship only comes in spurts. You’ll get one for a year or two via contract, or you don’t at all. Either way, everyone said that EVO was dope this year and I was pissed that I didn’t go. I’m sure they’ll acquire some sponsorship for next year.

I think that as gaming becomes more mainstream (as it has in korea), getting sponsors won’t be as hard. when i watched bang the machine i’m just amazed at how far evo has come.

last time i checked 2 days ago that shit was alive and fucking KICKING

while i think this years evo was weaker than the past evos, it was still a great EVO. I only say it was a little weaker this year, cuz the tropicana was terrible in about every way. It was painful walking an insane distance from the rooms to the ball room. the shitty AC’s. everything was broken, etc…

While the venue was shitty, the tourneys were ran extremely well. Nothing ran late. Some games ran a little behind schedule, but then things caught back up and it balanced out. There was more space to play at the stations so that was good! This is what really matters in the end. and it was executed WELL! excellent job!

The only other thing that was weak was when Turbo came out and performed. I thought it was a cool idea, but it was not well prepared. I felt really bad for him. Granted it’s partially his fault for not preparing with his old songs. But at the same time, at one point, the music being used already had lyrics on it, instead of the instumental. Luckily he did well with the new song and executed it well. But at the same time, the audio equipment in the tropicana ballroom was really bad. I couldnt make out the lyrics at all, unfortunately. And it really showed again in the player interviews. I think Turbo woulda got a better response from the people if their attention was put on Turbo. But when he was performing, sf4, TVC, casuals, snk side tourneys, and i believe cvs2 semi’s were going on during the performance. So most people’s attention was elsewhere. I think it woulda fit better on sunday, where everyones attention is on the stage. I guess it doesn;t help either that you got a lot of different people in the room ,with different taste in music. But I still give Turbo props for having the guts to do that. I think he’s pretty talented. His songs are entertaining!

Sure, they payouts are not as nice. but what do you expect? Toyota sponsorship was not renewed. You should be lucky that we even got toyota to front that much money for 2 years, to begin with.

I think thats a fucking weak copout that people didn’t go to evo cuz the payout wasnt 5g’s. It never stopped us in the past. I coulda swore a lot of us played for the love of the game, and not for a fucking check. But I guess I was wrong =( the money should just be the icing on the cake and extra motivation.

The entrance fee is higher, probably because no sponsorship could be acquired, and now the event is back at square one. Basically meaning, this is all coming out of the organizers pockets. To bitch about about a 10 dollar hike in registration fee to help cover costs of renting the venue, get catering for the players, acquire more TV’s for BYOC(it was bigger than ever this year, IMO), all this originally coming out of their pockets, is just really assholish of people to criticize. I don;t see all of you guys doing this.

It’s not easy to get sponsorship for such an underground and niche event.

They even managed to get sf4, TVC, and Blaz blue to the event. And yet still people out there that shit on the organizers? and don’t even get a thanks?

If people are not attending(attendance was still good) cuz of the fact that they are irresponsible procrastinators and are too lazy to register online, then that’s the problem of the player. Doing online registration only, was put in place to get the pools made and organized, before evo started. This saves A LOT of precious time friday morning. When in other years, 100+ people would show up friday morning, and sign up last second (and pay just as much as it was this year for last second online registration), and basically making it a nightmare for the organizers, and have to re-arrange the pools. And then it takes more time to get the tourney started. And then evo falls behind, which is what a lot of players always bitch about. Then those players, that decided to wait til the day of to register, bitch about why they play their friend first round in the pools.

So now evo staff present solutions to those problems by doing the registration online only. And it really paid off in organization and time needed to complete evo. It was ran so smooth. I mean really, do most people in the FGC not know they are coming to evo til the day of or something to warrant bitching about registration closing? Choi being a very obvious exception.

It just seems to me that people are shitting on evo when it’s the person’s laziness that caused them to pay more money, or fail to register, period. It makes me shake my head when I read about grown ass adults saying they dont have a credit card or a bank debit card with the visa logo on it. I mean really, are the fgc adults really that ghetto? They don’t have a bank to register for evo online? How do they cash their paychecks? at checks cashed facilities? I hear about people all the time on srk complain about not having a card to register. Don;t these people atleast know someone that has a CC that they can use? Can’t these people just go get a prepaid visa card?

I swear, fools have so many excuses. I can’t even count on my fingers and toes of how many people have expressed they didnt show because of these excuses. It’s retarded.

Evo staff did really well in the areas that mattered. The tourney was ran smoothly. Supplied more BYOC. Got us sf4, tvc, blazblue, and HD remix. And it cost 10 bucks more, and the rooms were cheaper than last year, so it balanced out, finance wise.

The tropicana sucked, that was all.

Sorry for the long rant

Well, Korea is different though.

In the US we have many other things to do, such as sports for example, and many of them are even free (go to the park and play ball). The industries also make them huge and kids do nowadays what’s cool and what they see are MMO commercials such as WoW and the like.

You got to understand that in Korea Starcraft is huge, they have it in school and they even have special Starcraft camp.

In the US, until like some arcade business gets huge and starts spreading everywhere, we won’t see that kind of change. As far as gaming in the US, it’s all about online gaming nowadays and not arcades.

Anyways, fuck lagbox and MMOs, arcades for life.

Someone needs to start opening up places. You know, pool tables, food/bar, arcades, table tennis, a nice chill spot.

Go SRK, I believe in you, make it happen.

As Colbert would say,

Get on it!

^ That place you talk about sounds like Gameworks, and I don’t go because I absolutely hate commuting on the strip and its too damn expensive per game.

Unfortunately Sabre, for some, the chance to earn a profit for a game that costs 40 dollars + 100 at most for equipment is the biggest draw to EVO. To some people, especially from the East Coast / International locations would have their earnings eaten by flight and room costs; it simply wasn’t worth it. (Props to those who came simply came just to kick some ass and take some names)

For example: I asked my friend the reason he didn’t go to EVO this year, and his response was, “I can make that much money guaranteed doing 2 weeks work.” The fact SF4, TvC, and BB was there didn’t faze him one bit. He’s a local, so it wouldn’t make that much sense for him to NOT try, especially since he only has to pay gas money… But if he’s from like Maryland or something… its alot different.

I do agree that Turbo would have gotten a better reception during finals day instead of Saturday. I was witnessing some GG matches and had my attention glued to the action to notice he was onstage. Only during YupYupYup, I made my way back towards the stage. It was during the time where organizers told the BYOC people that they only have an hour left or what not to run their games before Bang the Machine. So of course, people fought to cram as many matches as possible.

I probably wouldn’t get an answer, but how much was the venue of the Tropicana? Aside from the venue, everything else was great… being able to play BB and TvC was enough, thanks.

The fact of the matter is also, that most people have no chance to make top 8, at all. Including the people that are using this as an excuse. If this were “really” true, then no one would go.

I dunno, i’m not buying it =/

When T Double actually got one of his real tracks flowin, it was heat. Dude is a trooper.