I'm not dead: But is Evo?

We weren’t forced but it was highly recommended since Evo needed to reach a certain quota of attendees for the Hotel to accept giving us the ballroom.

I’m aware of that.



Evo was serious plain and simple. I had no complaints. AC worked fine if u didnt have 20 people in your room. Set up was better then last year. Tournaments ran smooth. Thanx to the Cannons/Seth/Jimmy/James/Phi/Wizard/Chris for holding down another good year!..I know Ill be back next year.

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however, it’s not so much that you had to register online to register to evo. I wonder how many players are used to having to pay a fee at the door. Since you couldn’t do that this year i wonder how that affected the numbers. More so than the price.

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LOL. I tried to keep that as low key as possible.

I’ve been to the Evo 2006, 2007, and 2008 finals, as well as the West 2006 and 2007 regionals, and I have to say that this was the best I have been to thus far. Yes, the Tropicana is terrible; being a local I laughed when I saw that was the selection. Do a poll; I think you will find more people would rather be at Green Valley Ranch or Red Rock than the Tropicana, even if it is on the Strip. The opportunity to play four major upcoming games for free was amazing. Everything ran on-time, and despite the fact that the competition for some of the games is stagnant (especially 3S), it was still very exciting. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a weekend.


Best FMJ post ever


Those of us who have been going to these events every year since their inception can truly appreciate how far these events have come. Those who haven’t, just like to try and hate. People had the opportunity to play how many upcoming games for free ALL WEEKEND? Not to mention when was the last time you saw free food and drinks being handed out?? Or how about seeing Joseph Cuellar in a white suit? That in itself made EVO an outstanding event. What more do you people want besides hot water in your hotel room? This was a GREAT weekend and alot of fun for all that went. Its a great time to catch up with friends who all have one thing in common, the love of Street Fighter. We should really quit our bitching and be happy that we have these 3 days to shine. Oh yeah, having Wheel of Fortune Quarter machines 10 seconds from the event is CLUTCH!!! Whoever thought of that deserves a pat on the back!!!

i wipe my ass with toilet paper, but um you (or your parents) might be too rich for my blood. the registration for evo plus the registration for the tournaments add up. even if i do register early, i’m looking at 50 for 2 games amirite?

if i’m late, which i know this system encourages against being late, i would be paying $70.

and… think about a lot of these people coming from out of town (mid, midwest, east coast) who are spending mad $$$ on plane fares and gas. shit adds up. 80% of the SRK community is broke.

this being said, i DO understand evo can’t survive on fumes and the money has to come from somewhere. so uhh… call toyota again.

True, Theres really no excuse for not registering early. Plus Wizard gave other options for payment, to those who don’t have a Paypal account. If you can’t save or set aside (accumulate) $30 bucks from over a year, thats just BS.

Wait…So only MGM and Trop were the two choices? Any other casinos in mind at the time? Theres only 25+ or so. Who were these imaginary people that liked the Trop? Only plus side for the Tropicana in my book, is that they fed us during the Event (burritos,baked halopinos,choclate starwberries,brownies,ect). I kept away from the water, cause I heard a month earlier they had ecoli in their water supply.

Dosen’t matter though, since Evo won’t be back at the trop.:woot:

That I noticed as well. That comment was a bit ghey on his part :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I liked Tropicana. It wasn’t ballin and they locked up the RF switches on the TV’s which made it difficult to play games but…it was cool. Inexpensive and had a little bit of everything as far as entertainment and food. Really couldn’t complain and its definitely a step up from having it at a college. I definitely wouldn’t mind another year at something like Red Rock or Green Valley. You felt so rich walking around those places even though you weren’t. :lol:

I didn’t attend EVO this year, for the first time since 2004, by choice. Three major factors influenced my decision:

  1. Money/gas prices. They suck. Gas is ridiculously expensive. So the plane trip would have literally cost 2x as much as last year. Some people would argue that it’s not only a SF tournament but a vacation in Vegas, but I’ve already been to Vegas multiple times. The prices this year definitely kept me home, and this wasn’t EVO’s fault.

  2. Stagnation. No new games (curse you, Capcom). So I can play the same games as always, play a version of ST I hate, and wait in line for hours to play unfinished versions of new games? No thanks, not my idea of fun. But again, not EVO’s fault. The addition of the betas was a good move and I tip my hat to them for trying.

  3. No regional qualifiers, leading to no hype whatsoever. Over the previous two years, the addition of EVO East/North/West etc. made EVO a series…just like someone previously mentioned, it seemed like Tennis where there is a “grand slam” of events. Last year I attended EVERY EVO qualifier and had a damned good time doing so, placing in every console ST event I entered besides EVO World, where I sucked donkey nuts. I can personally say that since EVO East began, I felt like it was my obligation to play my best game and take the ST/AE title every year. The fact that EVO East did not happen this year, paired with the fact that we were only given 2 months notice that EVO East would not happen, was a clubbing blow to the EC scene. The notice was so short that I had no time whatsoever to 1. get out of retirement and 2. regroup and try to organize something myself. No EVO East and No ECC = no hype whatsoever for East Coast players.

So, out of the 3 reasons I feel EVO wasn’t as successful this year, 2 are not the fault of EVO staff and were totally out of their control. However, let me suggest that if no sponsorship can be obtained for 2009, we are warned WAY ahead of time, so that local organizers like myself can get something set up ahead of time to take over the place of the EVO regionals. It was a major disappointment this year when EVO East did not happen, and everyone went scrambling to try to fill in the gaps. It is an honor to feel that you are the regional champion for your area, and to have that honor taken away definitely deflated the hype for me this year.

hes right though, even though you guys can’t get sponsorships to hook up the tourney and make it nice and all, the community is still willing to help out and keep this hype alive. evo east and all the regionals is like pre-gaming before going to a club and party. it leads to one big event, and the east coast has been doing their own thing with ecc even before evo got involved. it was one of those events that you had to see for yourself. if the evo staff plans this out with good communication with the commnity and has around 4 tourney planner for each region do their thing(find a spot and all) and evo staff with good advertising we could see a serious resurrection.:amazed:

Why not hold it at the San Jose Convention Center in downtown next year? There lots of rooms to choose from at the convention center, hotels are not a problem there + there are quite a few restaurants, starbucks and etc. Parking might be the only problem though since it cost money.

Fuck San Jose, keep it in Vegas. I go to Evo as much to visit Vegas as to go to Evo :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m originally from San Jose, but Vegas is the best place to keep it because I think EVO deserves that huge grandiose stage for the biggest tournament of the year.

San Jose DOES need a huge tournament though. It’s got an airport, the lightrail could bring people in and out, and it’s been the safest big city in the world for several years in a row now and looking at EVO’s results, Norcal did well enough to bring in out of state players.

On the other hand, you’re totally right about the shitty parking situation. San Jose State students know full well just how bad it is.

wow…i cant even imagine Evo not being in Vegas

Please keep it in Vegas