I'm not getting the most out of this game

I enjoy this game a little more than SFIV…or rather I did. Keep in mind, I’m somewhat of an oldschool player.

I use Sim exclusively, and I barely use anybody else. I’ve been using him since vanilla ST. I’m not claiming to be an expert on him by any means, but I do consider myself above average considering I don’t take it as seriously as I did in middle/high school.

But I’m just a little frustrated by the fact that if I start to win a little, then it seems like everybody in the room starts counter character picking. I play Honda and Chun more than every other character. Now this is by no means a thread crying cheap, because I know that both characters are beatable and they just take a little more effort. But it just makes me feel like I’m missing out on the full HDR experience since of instead of learning all the match-ups, I’m forced to only learn Chun and Honda.

Sometimes it feels like a slap in the face when I see people use their default characters, but when it’s my turn, the Honda’s come out.


Boohoo. I main Bison and Cammy, who arguably have a harder time against Honda.

If anything this will make you a stronger player, since you’ll never be able to take it easy and you’ll always have to play your best. I’d be glad, personally.

Look at it as an opportunity, instead of a problem. By playing your worst matches the most, you’ll eventually get really good at them. Once that happens, it will be funny to you when they try to counter pick, since most of those people won’t be Honda/Chun experts. Once you rock their counter-pick, they’ll be at a total loss for what to do.

Back when I played on GGPO a lot, where you could see what character they picked, I used to anti-counter pick a lot. It can be a lot of fun and it’s a great way to learn any character.

I main Cammy. She’s easy to pick up but difficult to master. She’s also bottom-tier. I still find many ways to win, and I’m sure there are users here who recognize my skill. Just practice.

There are way too many great players on psn right now that wont counter pick, you just need to find the right rooms. Alot of people happen to play with honda tho, (that fat bastard) nothing you cand do about that. He is too easy to play and do decent with imo. Dont give up on HD Remix man.

Counter-picking is part of the game. So is playing through a match against a counter-pick. By not accepting Sim vs. Honda, you’re cheating yourself the opportunity to elevate your Sim to a higher level. Whenever somebody plays a counter-pick, I relish it because it gives me the opportunity to practice what I’ve learned so far, or better yet, learn something new. And I’m sure the best Sims I’ve played didn’t become that awesome and consistent without learning how to play against their counter-picks.

It sounds like you may be a natural with Chun and Honda, so you should practice them. But Sim vs. Honda is no reason to let your Sim go.

^ Yup. You have no idea how intrigued I get to face Thelo’s Honda, for example, even though I main Cammy. I’ll stay in a room even if I’m going 0-10. It can only make you better.

Ya dude if you’re on PSN, just add some of the dudes in the PSN forum on this site, they play a good variety of characters.

You can add me man, I hate counter-picking just as much as you. More often than not I use random, but if you’re really good I’ll start using my mains (Fei, Cammy & Gief). I won’t claim I’m good, but I’ll put up a decent fight.

Dude, I’m not trying to be an asshole or anything, but considering that I main Hawk and Honda is an awful match for him (9-1), I destroy 3/4 of the Honda’s on Live. Only strong players such as Thelo can stop him cold. You really have no room to complain that much. Yes, Honda Vs. Sim is tough, but watch vids of tourney players on YouTube and learn the ways they deal with it.

Try playing a playing a match-up that is heavily in your favor, and then getting the shit kicked out of you for an hour and a half.

Not that I disagree with most of the opinions here, but it DOES get tiresome to see

  1. guy picks his “main”, loses
    2a. guy picks a counter character , loses
    2b. guy picks akuma, loses
  2. quits

You make it sound like people shouldn’t play your bad matchups. The same thing happens to me when I play Sim: Honda, Claw, Dictator, they all come crawling out. But, to not play these matchups because you feel insulted is going to handicap you as a Sim player. Or, perhaps you do play these matches and just feel insulted when they counter pick. Why? Every character has 17 matchups… and every character has bad matchups, or matchups where the odds are a bit more even because of natural advantages. But will you feel insulted if someone who mains Honda or Claw plays you… just because the matchup isnt in your favor? If you counterpick their counterpick, then you are resorting to the thing you are insulted by. So, short of just not playing this game again, you will have to start learning how to play these matchups because to not do so limits you as a player.

I mean the very notion of counterpicking is a bit of a dirty word isnt it. If you counterpick, apparently you are seen as a sore loser, or someone who is “cheap.” Its like “oh, well, its “honorable” to only play matchups that are even odds, or heavily in my favor for my character… but god help you if you counterpick against my character… for to do so makes you a scrub.” I mean the very notion of ignoring a character’s bad matchups is itself a way to not get the most out of this game. Its very articificial. There are 289 possible matchups in this game… yet, because counterpicking is a vile and dirty thing to do… lets just artificially limit the number of possible matchups that the designers of the game created to things that are either fair for me, or in my favor. I mean, can you possibly imagine a conversation like this:

Otochun: Time to face Gian’s Sim with my Chun Li (snicker snicker)
Gian: Hell no! That match is unfair. I refuse to play! You have dishonored me as a player.
Otochun: Sorry man. I was way out of line. I forfeit.
Gian: Yogaaaa!!!

Just imagine a player in the Evo finals using the same excuse.

Announcer: Well… guess we gotta forfeit the match now because NKI refuses to not use Chun Li and Fatboy is just gettng a bit impatient since he’s been practicing for the tourney with nothing but Sim. Sorry folks… well, it was a nice Evo while it lasted. Try not to destroy the strip on your way out…

Yea, that sounded a bit ridiculous to me too…

Justp lay on random select until you’re good with everyone imo that’s how you get the most out of sthd and that way no one can coutner pick you.

After awhile though I get frustrated sometimes and I’m like no not fei I wanted blanka! or no not ryu I wanted sagat:rofl:

lol. quit complaining. honda is manageable with sim. imagine fighting thelo’s db -> jab headbutt + random HHS honda all day with a character without fireballs.

Peeps are right, you should learn to beat your bad matchups. but straight up, turtle honda actually makes this game unfun and I sympathize.

@ warrior’s dream your judgement/hypothetical example doesn’t parallel.

NKI mains chun li
Otochun main chun li
Gian mains sim

therefore they are NOT counter picking. In fact in japan, counter picking IS frowned upon. everyone there picks a main and fights out everyone else’s main. Only on this side of the pacific are people so shitty at games that they will counter pick to win/not lose certain matchups.

counterpicking is fine if you’re on a pad…

hmm…Threadstarter you can add me, but fair warning.
I get pissed if you EVER ragequit.

I use the bosses, Fei and Thawk. But i get so many quitters the second i headbutt/throw with Rog.
I took someone’s advice and added a bunch of SRK people to my friend’s list, and while they are better quality opponents that barely ever ragequit, a lot of these dickheads dont accept people they dont know on their friendslist.

Also, knowing matchups is a bit dorky. Just play.:wasted:

Counterpicking isn’t the same as picking another one of your favorite main is it? I wish there was a feature in HDR where I can do random select on a set of characters.

Since “knowing matchups” is equivalent to learning the strengths and weaknesses of your character while fighting another character, you just told the guy not to learn while he plays.

Winning is dorky? I thought it was the best way to improve your stats and prove that you’re getting better. If you think it’s dorky to be here, then why are you here?

Could my quote in your signature still be right after all this time? By the way, the people here know you from your posts. Maybe your posts give the indication that you wouldn’t be worth their time. Just making an observation. Maybe it’s time for you to stop putting out your own negative press so you can get more people to play you. Again…just an observation.

Anyway, to the original poster, I say this…

Man up. I know…that’s direct…but I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t think you could do it. As everyone else has said, counter-picking comes with the nature of the game and it’s something you can deal with one of two ways.

  1. Quit.
  2. Learn how to fight them and do the best you can.

Option 1 requires a whole lot less energy…but you’ll never truly win that way.
Option 2 may cause you to lose less, but if you gut it out and you get better in general, you will start to win those bad matchups more because the people that depend on counter-picking to win are only doing so to compensate for their lack of skill and adaptability. Use that to your advantage.

You really should report back to us how you’re doing now. I hope you’ve been reading the threads and getting advice on your most troublesome matchups. That’s why you’re here, right? To learn? To improve? That’s not dorky at all. That’s wise. That’s skillful use and application of your resources. That happens to be useful when you play, too.

theres nothing wrong with counter picking, the aim of the game is to win, so if you cant beat a guy with ur normal, then you would pick a character that has advantages over the character the other guy is using. Theses absolutly nothing wrong with that. If you learn from every loss then that will only make you a stronger player.