"I'm not Gouken..." Oni General Discussion Thread

Discuss Oni here.

Oni is a lot of fun. Played him the other day but wasn’t able to find a single hit confirm. His EX Slash into U1 is a fun setup to use in Block strings.

Mountain Dew is Oni’s source of power. I hope he has a green colour.

Also, I’m maining this guy the moment AE hits consoles. Air dash, Air demon, sick normals, electric fireballs, beastly shin shoryu as a regular special with good horizontal range, grounded crossups, ultra juggles, Kongou Kokuretsu Zan…

I’ve been interested in picking up gouken lately, and I’m an akuma fan, so yeah. Does Oni retain any kind of safe demon flip mixup setups on knockdown? Gouken’s demon flip isn’t as good as akuma’s right?

This may sound stupid but does Oni have two fighting styles like gen cuz in this video it looks like it.


No, he doesn’t have different styles. He does have a few distinctive command normals though, maybe that’s what made you think he had two move sets.

Any word yet on his back story? Intro? Anything like that?

My arcade uses the Japanese voice and names, so even if i got a chance to play through with Oni i would have no idea what happened lol.

I’ve been debating how much upside Oni really has. His offense seems really limited and he has no reliable Ultra setups. His Super (Raging Demon) is not as good Akumas. IT’s slower, and I get hit out of it plenty. In air I think its better but still, both versions does shit damage for a Raging Demon.

He does have hit confirms, and I do think they are chain-able as things just connect very easily. But he does not have good KD options. I’ve mentioned in other threads of Oni’s but his SRK while is strong and does a lot of damage is not as safe as the other shoto’s due to it not FADC-able on block. If you use it make sure it hits (I haven’t found the sweet spot yet for AA either as I get trades).

His slashes can be jabbed out of or jumped away from. If you land the light one on block or the ex one on reverse it does open things up, but again, they are not safe before the active frames at all.

People who’s been using Oni a lot, what are some things you guys been playing around with. Setups? Strings, etc? I’m open to new ideas to improve my game.

Last note, I like Kara throwing with HP ~ LP+LK. I think it has better range, but notice if you are using Ken’s setup (c.LK, c.LP, Kara-throw) sometimes the game recognizes the fwd as a cancel, and I get a lk.Slash.

That is interesting. Well I’ve noticed in the Akuma threads of the Evil Ryu and Oni Analysis that some people have a variety of combos with very good stun. They should put them in the combo section of Oni but I may do that myself lol. Also, I wonder who Oni’s rival is?

His combos def do good stun, so does his normals. I was speaking more so vs other good players, it’s hard to open them up with combos because they are pretty straight forward. There’s very little ambiguity to it and I think as whole most of his move-sets lack this. When you play someone that knows how to play, Oni becomes very difficult to get your offense going.

I had a chance to use Oni a bit more yesterday and currently playing around with his U2. It’s def the coolest animation when you land it on someone.

but does it make sense to think of Oni in context of Akuma? Because from what i’ve seen, Oni doesn’t look like a rushdown/mixup kinda guy… his approach reminds me of sagat: you zone with fireballs, and when they make a mistake you have very solid punishes.

that’s the basic idea for most fireball characters, but Oni doesn’t look like he plays like the other shotos. Oni’s fireballs look like they aren’t made for zoning. They don’t go fullscreen and two-handed one(the hcf-punch fireball) is unsafe like akuma’s.

Someone mentioned that since they look electrified they might do a lot of stun, even on block. That could mean that they are probably pressure tools to force the players to make a move or take the stun.

At that point the Slashes and the Stomp come into play to stop any possible attempt to escape the fireball pressure.

I see Oni as this wall of pressure that can lock you down until you make the right guess. Well that’s what i think from what i’ve seen. He’s a mix of all the shotos. And even if he’s not made to rush. I will still rush with Oni.

I’m too fucking hype for Oni. I LOVE the damage on his DP and I respect that you can’t FADC it on block (this should be the case for EVERY INVULNERABLE SPECIAL IN THE GAME). He’ll probably be the first fireball character that I’ll respect playing aside from Gouken, but he didn’t have that sick ‘shin-shoryu as a regular special’ hype going on.

Ryu and Ken revolved too much on safe zoning/pressure with FADC’s being a safety net into big damage. Oni will actually have to make good reads to get the damage instead of just randomly going to FADC ultra a couple of times a match and backdashing to safety if it doesn’t connect.

Chucking electric plasma, air dashing to bait your silly AA attempts, slapping you halfway across the screen with that glowy f+HP… damn.

I’m with you on this. I played nothing but Guile and Ryu since World Warrior came out, at this point neither character type has much appeal to me. I’ve mained Dan for years now and dabble with any rush down character available in the game I’m playing.

Just recently I was getting my ass handed to me by an Akuma player and decided to give Gouken a shot and, sure enough, he was pretty enjoyable to use. Having to think and plan in new ways is gratifying and I’m hoping to get that from Oni.

As far as overly powerful reversals go, my thoughts are that if you have a 3 frame invincible reversal it shouldn’t hit low attacks at all. It is an AA and a combo ender. If you want to be able to counter sweeps and the like you lose the invincibility or you have a frame or two added on to its startup. Taking away the FADC never occurred to me but adding that to the mix would allow for some really meaningful changes to how Ryu, Ken, and Akuma play.

I don’t really try to play Oni like Akuma, I actually mained Ken since Vanilla arcade. I was speaking more on his offense because you need to be able to open your opponent up when you play guys that know how to block. Oni is def more of a zone / space control type of guy but the problem is he’s not the best at those areas. A big part of Sagat’s game is landing his Ultra which is a big problem with Oni. Both of his Ultras are booty and hard to combo into.

EX-Slash is the most reliable way to land them, however people are learning to block it and escape it on reaction. You can srk FADC on hit also to land U1, but again it’s not safe. Both Ultras are not very good at all, both has a good amount of startup and recovery. U2 only hits people in front.

Just last night I did an air Raging Demon and this Abel jump.HK me out of it. A full Super Bar gone from a normal.

BTW - Oni’s rival is Gouken for those who care. Had a chance to play cpu last night since it got dead early.

Was the Abel player in the air before the Air-Demon came out? If not, then it’s probably not safe from ground-to-air attacks.

Yup, he was in the air first, I wouldn’t go for Air Demon unless I was setting him up to jump.

like gouken they expect you to READ your opponents to utilize his offense to its fullest. He is fun but a bit slow

[media=youtube]JuCZcBff6R4]YouTube - SSF4 AE: Evil Ryu Vs Oni Akuma Screenshots,Gameplay ,Ultras & Endings [HD[/media]
between 1:06-1:08, is that IAD just a double tap forward or does it require other inputs?

That’s his lp airdash (qcb +LP in air)

After reading all of these posts I’m guessing Oni isn’t the type of character that scrubs could use effectively, am i right?
i am really impressed by his move reading strategy, looks like you need to be really observant.