"I'm not Gouken..." Oni General Discussion Thread

well when i used him, i used him in a shoto like manner with FBs and AA DPs so if you know basics you might be ok but he is alot of fun IMO

Can I get a link to footage of air demon?


Skip to 0:55.

Thank you bunches. I’m totally hyped to main this guy, sad I sold my 360…how much would it cost to get a new one cheapest way possible? I have a stick.

Okay so I saw in another video someone doing an aerial attack then doing a demon RIGHT after it. Can you cancel a move with the Demon? Cause he didn’t cancel on hit…does it function as a command grab, so maybe it’ll beat out guile and vega throws? Will it beat Zangief ultra? How much frame startup is zangi ultra? How many invuln frames does it have?

How do you get AE? do you pay per character or for whole thing? I just want Oni. XD

Also I’m HIGHLY DISSAPOINTED about air demon, thought it would have been cooler somehow. Also it does crap damage. =\

Oni can do an [media=youtube]WcSx6YrFuzA&feature=related&t=1m40s"[/media]. I wonder what else he can do other than the Super.

He did it from a forward dash too, which means you can use it offensively, which means I’ll have a new main.

Zangief’s U2 is invincible from activation to landing, nothing can beat it air to air.

nothing much to say on the latest arcadia, other than what the assistant producer thinks of him, gouki who had surpassed shin gouki and became a demon (thus the name oni)


is it me or does this character look top tier?

He looks very strong but he is beyond shin akuma in power…

That video got me re-inspired to dig deeper with Oni. Prob try to get more games in with him this weekend.

I dont know why it makes me mad when people compare oni to gouken lol…

I’ve been meaning to ask this: Can you do EX tatsu after air dash? Also, that video said you can do tatsu after two of the three dashes, which one can you not do it from? back?

Also, what kind of hitstun does the different airdash hits have on grounded and airborne oponents? Mainly, do they reset or knock down on air hit?

And there’s no EX Airdash, is it?

(Info from vids and other post) You can ex-tatsu after the mid and forward air dash. Back air-dash can only be cancelled with an Air-Raging-Demon. There seems to be no Ex-Air-dash.

And i haven’t seen or found any info on the hitstun for air-dashes. We’ll find out when he gets released this friday or thursday(Japan friday).

Ok, thanks for the answers. If air EX tatsu works anything like the Akuma/Ryu counterpart, this should allow for some cool juggle combos.

I vaguely remember seeing Oni hit a yang out of the air with a forward.airdash in a vid and it looked like they land at almost the same time. Can’t remember if it was a reset or un-tech knockdown. damn i hate having to wait and we gotta wait even longer before we can use him on consoles.

its a techable knockdown after hitting an opponent with air dash. dont really remember anything about recovery difference.

Has his alternate costume been shown? Also, it is kind of ridiculous that he can stop fireballs with just st. hp. Combine that with air-dashes and this guy will be impossible to zone, much like most of the cast.

Another Oni Tips & Tricks video: [media=youtube]5ngm_vSZQ8U[/media]

I think he wouldn’t be that much of a problem to zone. Yes he has a pretty easy way to nullify the possible cheap dmg but it would be a risk, lilke if someone throws out an EX projectile and you hit st.hp on reaction you eat a fireball, it can be fatal sometimes and will make you hesitate on doing st.hp blindly once you’ll loose a couple of times cuz of that.

And nullifying cheap dmg on regular projectiles is good and all but it won’t win you a game. You would have to get in. And that’s where Oni’s biggest problems starts I imagine. He doesn’t seem to be a character with much ways to get in (and those options who seem great looking to be quite punishable aka air dash), and his combos are strong but will require a good execution and knowledge of what normal will work in every situition. Much like gouken. Yeah yeah we all sick and tired with gouken analogy’s but hey it looks true so far.
That said I think he’s gonna be way more versatile than gouken. He has air tatsu and a good crossup move. A good crossup special move and an overhead special move which gives you an untechable knockdown. Gouken is a one chance character. If he’s ever able to connect with a special move or catch the opponent off guard he must maximise his damage as much as possible because he doesn’t have like ANY way to stay on the opponent after finishing his combo. Oni on the countuary will be a bitch to try and get him off :smiley: He has tatsumaki, fast dash, a dashing palm move, an air dash, a shoryu even dudleys thunderbolt move. Yea good luck making much space againt’s him once he knocked you down.

And I’m seeing a looot of baiting and tricks with oni, be ready for some awsome shenanigans with his air dash and his dashing palm move. Yeah he doesn’t have a full working and scary vortex like akuma. But he has some of the good stuff still up his sleeve (with a few new cards in there) and a buffed up dmg life and stun. I’m totally picking him day 1 dlc drops. Akuma’s my main for like 2 years now and I’m still learning him and ejoying his style. I think Oni won’t dissapoint as well (: