"I'm not Gouken..." Oni General Discussion Thread



To be clear I don’t care if people get salty at me. It usually means I am doing something right. AKA I feed on their tears


Well, now that 2012 is out, I wanted to switch to Sagat; But I just can’t get away from this character. ;-; HE’S SO MUCH FUN I JUST CAN’T HELP IT!! I’m just awful at his B.MP links for some reason. If I have to link into that special then forward DP after I’m fucked. Also my footsie game with him isn’t very good. Anyone on Xbox want to train with me a bit? Give me a chance to buff up my Oni skills, and then practice a bit of Sagat/Cammy.


Well, after 9 months straight of Cody playing, I think that I am ready to try out a new character. I finally reached my goal of breaking 2000 Player Points and getting my Cody up to B rank, so I think it’s time for a change. After dinking around with the other 38 characters in the game, I think I’ve finally found someone else that I want to use. And that is Oni. He seems like a lot of fun to play, even if you have to put in a lot of time with him to get good.

I think what won me over to the “dark side” though, is MetalMusicMan styling on me online. I have the PC version as well, and I fought him in a few matches; just seeing his Oni in action has inspired me.

I’m going to hit training mode and practice with Oni some more so I can get more familiar with his moveset. :nunchuck:

Oh, and MetalMusicMan…I know you’re taking a break from the PC version since 2012 isn’t coming onto that for a little while, but wanna add me? I want to face your Oni again and perhaps pick up some strategies from your gameplay. Plus I had a lot of fun when I fought you before, even if you did destroy my Cody. LordWilliam1234 is my tag. I don’t have Xbox unfortunately…


Haha, welcome to Oni, though I think Cody will be a much better character now in 2012 so if you like Cody I wouldn’t be too quick to get rid of him! As far as FR goes, sure go ahead and add me, I’ll be back on PC predominately once 2012 is released on it :slight_smile:

While we’re on the subject, I’ve gotta say that the extra delay from Xbox being 720 native and then upscaled to 1080 is REALLY annoying. It makes me drop things that I never drop on PC since it’s natively 1080 and doesn’t incur upscaling lag.


Thanks. I’m not dropping Cody in any form; I’ve played him too long to drop him! I’m just looking for another character to play in addition to Cody, because 9 months straight of the same character gets stale after a while…

Also, a question for all the Oni users out there. How many reps have you gotten in training mode with Oni’s “infinite?” I’m referring to cr.mp xx Hadoken xx FADC, cr.mp xx Hadoken. Since you can loop this indefinitely in training mode due to having infinite meter, I’m curious to how many reps people have gotten if they’ve tried to repeat it several times in a row. I’ve gotten 8 reps before I dropped it.


I practice with TC2 > LK Slash, it’s a better mixup after it lands if you don’t have meter, a lot more damage, and easier to followup with if you do have meter.

I can go from one side to the other with nearly 100% consistency if I’m using jabs to link the TC2 after FADC. I can do it fairly well without jabs (but not nearly as consistent), but I like to make sure I land the combo so I don’t mind trading some scaling for guaranteed damage and positioning. I just do “cr.Jab, cr.Jab > TC2 > LK Slash, FADC, repeat” from one side to the other side in training mode and I usually end with a TC2 > LK Stomp or TC2 > HK Tatsu when I get to the corner. Then I start over going in the other direction to the opposite corner.


Well, I’ve played a few endless matches with Oni (not confident enough in my skills to go into ranked yet), and I think I’m getting a bit of a feel for him. I’m still having issues landing combos consistently when I get in on my opponent (this issue should be solved as I play Oni some more), and I keep doing random jump-ins when I know I shouldn’t (bad habit of mine that I’m working on breaking). I still like Oni’s overall playstyle (he has a pretty decent footsie game and pretty good mix-ups, especially with that really fast overhead of his), but my main issue at the moment is actually getting in. I can’t zone properly because of the terrible recovery on his fireballs (though maybe I’m just doing it wrong), so I usually end up playing a more aggressive game with Oni. Any tips on how to get in on an opponent?


Do you really need to feel confident to try out ranked online with someone. It’s not like you’re gonna loose anything. Get out there and whoop some ass with him, you’ll learn as you go. :slight_smile:


Angled jumping LK is active for 10 frames. It’s very ambiguous and you can time it pretty early and have it linger to beat jumpins as well as crossup if they don’t jump. At medium ranges, buffer b+mp to LK slash while playing footsies and if you catch them blocking the LK slash will get you in for free. LK slash is your best friend for getting in.


The problem begins where jumping at them is not a good option anyone with a decent dp or good aa normal which is most of the cast.


Thanks! That should help me to get in a lot. Just checked the frame data and LK slash is only -2 on block. Sounds like Goshoryuken bait to me as well against someone who likes to mash jab. Obviously not something to do in a more serious match against a more skilled player due to the lack of being able to FADC our shoryuken on block though.

Also, EX Slash is projectile immune, right? Anything else that I could use against projectile spammers to get in with Oni? Since Oni isn’t exactly the king of fireball wars or anything…the only other thing I can think of is f.HP, since it cancels out projectiles and moves you forward a little bit, but it has slow start-up so I don’t think it’s too reliable.


You have to use jumps and slowly tiptoe forward with some focus absorbs. You can also use MK.slash but against fast recover projectiles and at the wrong ranges, you’ll get punished hard. f+HP isn’t reliable either. It serves better as a poking tool than nulling fireballs.


what’s your tag? I’m down whenever I’m on, hit me up


So I may have stumbled across something interesting. After using an EX Slash, you can go for a B.MP for a reset which everyone knows about. However, I noticed if you cancel into a LK Slash depending on the height they’re at, you’ll end up crossing underneath them. Similar to the air to air hit, and then dashing under them. From what I’ve experienced, the timing is pretty tight, but you may end up being at 0 or -1. I’m not sure. Someone more pro may want to check that out though.


can LK slash hit people off of ex slash? I’ve never tried it. I mean if you don’t bMP first – just connect with LK slash.


I just realized that you can use j.LK as an instant overhead. I’m not sure if this is common knowledge or not. It’s probably not terribly useful either. But if you wanna style on someone for the kill :sunglasses:


Wait, really? I’ve been looking for a way to get an instant overhead with Oni but I’ve never been able to make any of the moves work. Angled jump LK or Neutral jump LK?


Angled. It works going forwards or backwards. I’m pretty sure I was using Ryu as the training dummy, so it’s possible that it fails on characters with goofy hitboxes like Blanka.


Just tested it. It only works when they’re standing (so it’s basically useless as an instant overhead) and you have to be at point blank. I thought you meant he had an instant overhead on crouch like Adon or something. That would have been awesome. Ah well.


Yeah, it’s pretty close to worthless. Still, it’d be funny to use it for the finishing blow vs a throw attempt after a blocked slash or something.

On a more serious note, recently I’ve thought that maybe I should combo into ground pound more (instead of tatsu/srk). However, once I use it I’m not sure what to do other than basic fake outs, meaties, and baits. Are there some good frame-accurate sequences that lead to safe-jumps, ambiguous cross-ups, etc?