"I'm not Gouken..." Oni General Discussion Thread



Great writeup. IMHO, the most accurate so far other than anything I’d write myself lol. This is your pal GiveMeYourSpine btw. Let’s get some more sparring in soon.


How is f.mk a good move for getting in? Yeah it moves him forward but its slow and horribly vulnerable with its hitboxes. Wondering if I am missing something


It’s a great way to get in. I see it used a lot and I use it a lot. Lots of things combo off of counter hit.


think of f.MK a little bit as Ken’s step kick, its used as a far range frame trap because it cant be punished at any range, therefore it can be used as a bait or if people like to press buttons at mid-range after the kick, I like to do TC1 > BnB


It is nowhere near as good as Ken’s step kick. Wish I remembered where that link was for the side by side comparison of the hitboxes but yeah anyways anytime I have ever bothered to use it I get hit out of it or worse.


Just keep fiddling with it until you get more familiar with its effective ranges and timings. It’s a pretty good poke. I wouldn’t lean on it to get in, but when used properly it can close the gap pretty well.


It can be good for getting in as long as it’s used sparingly. I wouldn’t call it a poke, though.


Compared to similar moves (Ken’s, for instance), it’s terribly slow and has a huge hurtbox. You won’t get away with spamming it like Ken does-- it is nowhere near as good as his step kick, not even remotely close. Like, not even in the same universe.

If your opponent makes the mistake of respecting it / assuming he has to block, it’s legit. Once they block it you get a great mixup, however if they understand how slow the move is and how terrible the hitbox / how big Oni’s hurtbox is, they will just hit you out of it.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t use it, Oni definitely needs it. I just wouldn’t call it poke or compare it to Ken’s. If you’re looking for Oni’s good pokes, use F+LK, LK, or F+LP.


One of the most frustrating things with this character so far is the fact he has to be close to do anything and the fact his mobility is ass both his walk and dashes suck, jetpack is not a substitute for it.

Any idea’s on how to actually get into range without hope the other player screws up bad?


One thing I like to do is spend an entire round focusing on watching my opponent and keeping a consistent distance. When I find their poke range I stay just outside of it then step into it and watch them like a hawk. I give them a reason to poke at me by walking into their poke range then step outside it and use f+fp. That move is pretty decent for whiff punishing moves with boat loads of recovery like sweep. Think of it like baiting a dp on wake up. When you can’t seem to get close you can almost always rely on people poking when they think they can. Hope that helps.

If f+mk isn’t a poke then what is it?


I’ve seen Chris Hu use it as a frame trap, because they can only punish it on reaction supposedly. I use it sparingly so people dont expect it as I’ll always use it to get in. On CH, I try to use TC2, but unless it’s a CH i don’t realy press buttons after it regardless if its hit or block, only to the point where I find out whether or not they’re pressing buttons or mashing any move with priotity or invincibility, like an SRK.


Well, typically a poke refers to something with good range and a hitbox that is disjointed from the hurtbox. This allows you to “poke” safely at your enemy without a major risk, hence the name.

F+MK has none of that; it’s purpose is generally to get you in, not to poke.


I guess you could use it as an adjective if you like but I’ve never heard the word used to describe a black and white property of a move. Poke has always been a verb afaik. e.g. you can poke with cr.mk. I’ve never heard anyone say that cr.hk is not a poke. To each his own tho.


Actually for me a poke is usually a normal that has some range and is difficult to counter. Bison’s st.mk for example is generally considered a good poke despite the fact it’s hit box while better than Oni’s f+mk is still vulnerable and can be beaten by a lot of the same things. It is harder to do so because the much better startup makes it hard to stuff on reaction, and for that matter its easier to watch for them to try and throw stuff out and whiff punish them instead.

tldr: F+mk is just too slow. It really needs a better hitbox to justify is slowness. At least F+HP has a decent hitbox if you manage to get it out.


Oh semantics, how you trouble us all! Haha :smiley:

I agree on speed being a factor in the safeness or “poke-i-ness” of the move, and for me, whether or not I would classify it as a good poke.


i decided to main oni in 2012 did anything really change and how do i beat dudely


Been messing around with characters a lot lately. Picked up Oni again and have a few questions.

Is it ever worth FADCing off of Oni’s :hp::f: ??? If so, what should I do? LP into target combo, lk.demon slash, throw? Also any resets I should know?

Only just started taking Oni SUPER seriously so this stuff would help.


On counterhit only, if you FADC forward after F+HP, you can combo. Just do LP > TC2 > Special. If it’s not a counter hit, not only can you not combo, but you can be punished just for dashing forward.


Oh okay, thanks man!!!

Sooo dunno if you guys know this but i found a tricky… thing last night.

First jump just above your opponent, then MP airdash, H.Tatsu (must get the timing perfect for it to hit.) IF you do it correctly it’ll cross up. Then as you land :b::mp:. This will combo of the tatsu.

I use this on opponents that are waking up as a kinda meaty resety type thing. Requires a lot of practise though.

ALSSSOOO figured a completely pointless combo. Probably not new to anyone but here ya goooo.

c.lk, s.lp, back.mp, target combo 1, hadouken > FADC > s.lp, s.lp, s.lp, s.mk x h.tatsu.


ok from what i can see in that combo to many inputs thus that kills your damage via damage scaling which oni suffers a lot from could be shortened replace the jab and short from the combo and just link cr.mp>TC2> if the timing gets to strict for me it does i like to use a lp slash after that to FADC into over a hadouken

and the cross up the b.mp consider it a reset and option select from there keep the pressure on with maybe something unsafe and just FADC back dash if you have the meter because off that reset you have a HK tatsu,fwd.HP, HK or ex.slash, lp or mp hadouken


Im looking to main oni in 2012 I just got the update… Can anyone tell me the basic combos, most damaging combos and is bnb. Any help would be great