"I'm not Gouken..." Oni General Discussion Thread



i wonder if its possible to do any dhalsim like mixup with a projectile and then maybe do a hk/ex slash or air dash over. gonna try it later.


I couldn’t connect mp.air dash after ex.slash unless it was counter hit and nothing would combo after ex.tatsu. I didn’t try u2 though.


you have to do a tk airdash its really tight. i have like 10% success rate

and it works on ryu so it probably works on most of the cast.

want me to record me doing it? i only have my android phone to record with tho.


Sure. I tried instant air dashing it too and it just did not want to connect even in the corner.




Was bored, here you go.


Edit – welp, my timing is terrible. Didn’t see your vid, sorry.


Question to all: I want to learn Oni. Where do I start?


who are you using now? what skill level overall would you consider yourself?


I generally use shoto characters. Mostly Ken and Akuma. I would consider myself mid skill level? I’m not planning on winning any tournaments but I play fairly often.


The stickied threads are generally pretty good.


I think there’s a few general things to learn when you are first starting with any new character. Find out the properties of their specials and what they are used for. Learn a simple hit-confirm BNB combo (like cr.LP, cr.LP, b.MP xx LK Slash). Take a quick glance at their frame data to just see things like what’s generally safe, what normal gives the best advantage on block, and which normals are 3f startup. Then just start playing, preferably offline to start putting your new knowledge into practice in a lagless environment.

There is one thing specific to Oni though – do NOT rely on crossup slash for stupid wins just because it works on people who don’t know the matchup, or because it works online. Sooo many online Onis just go for random desperate EX slashes when they are losing because that’s all they know how to do, and they just lose when that doesn’t work. Don’t fall into that trap. Crossup slash will not work on good players more than once in a set, if it even works at all.


is there hidden oni unblockable potential? He can get a hard knockdown without meter and his jumping lk, mk and hk all look like they could possibly be used - especially jumping hk


The tier list thread needs Oni matchup knowledge. Get to it folks!


I may be wrong but I think it’s better to kara demon with f+mk instead of f+hk. I went into training mode to fart around I noticed that kara demon with f+mk is way easier to pull off for me (arcade stick). So I wanted to know what the difference in distance was between using f+hk and f+mk to kara demon and what I found out was that if there is a difference in distance between the two once the super activated I couldn’t see it. Just putting it out there for people fucking with f+hk for kara demon and having issues with the f+hk becoming active before the demon comes out.


I checked wiki and see Oni fireball has the same startup with Ryu’s FB but seems it’s not really good in game
How to use Oni’s FB ?


spacing tool, only use at full screen or to fight fireballs i otherwise don’t really use it.


Sanford won Big 2 with Oni…damn good job bro


Yeah and it looks like he polished his combos up too.
http://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky/b/331365756 3h 21m in


I might consider pickin up U2 for certain match because it seems better for the option select jump in


Just found out that x-up tatsu > U2 works. try it.