"I'm not Gouken..." Oni General Discussion Thread



Hopefully team Oningyou no Yakata gets some stream time this Friday: http://shoryuken.com/2012/12/06/starting-over-strong-grapple-ssfiv-ae-ver-2012-5on5-tournament-this-friday-at-11-pm-est-8-pm-pst/

I looked it up and their team name basically mean Hall of Owning you but with a play on words for owning it’s oni.


back throw whiff c.mk then b.mp hits on the last(or close to it) active frame and can link into sweep and ultra.

EDIT: doesnt look frame perfect. still good though


Hey everyone, don’t forget to vote for Oni in Capcom’s character poll :slight_smile:



people don’t like oni? WOW!

i mean it’s one thing not to like him because he’s bottom tier, but if you hate Oni for his character design, then i dunno what to say.

he’s almost as great as El Fuerte in terms of putting a certain style (fuerte’s lucha and oni’s insanity) into street fighter.


oh great, the oni section is dead again <_<<br>


As far as the instant air dash tatsu mixup after a hardknock down, i found a better way of timing it so its much easier. After a TC2 into jiraiken (over head stomp) simply dash forward as soon as possible and do the instant air dash tatsu. Il put up a video later against 3 and 4 frame reversals


How dare you put Oni and Fuerte in the same sentence! Fuerte is dumb. Oni is full of bad ass, too bad he’s low tier and Akuma is right at the top.


Speaking of which:

ItalDan going nuts. 1 hour 44 minutes mark or so. Dear god, this guy is playing Smash or Marvel or something instead of SF4 :smiley:

  1. you didn’t get my point. i said he, along with oni, has the perfect implementation of their fighting style. are you saying that el fuerte’s style doesn’t resemble that of a luchador?
  2. fuerte is dumb, because…?


I don´t, if this was already posted here, if yes, then sry for that, but this is the blog of Wao, with thoughts about matchups, rebalancement, etc.


Does any body have any input on Ultra 1 in the air, perhaps character specific/non specific punishes or possible combos including it. I was also thinking of testing it out in set ups that could possibly guarantee chip damage. I know this would be very character specific and also bar specific but who knows right? Anyways, any and all ideas are appreciated !


I actually spent some time with oni in the lab recently since I find him quite interesting and I wondered if there are cornersetups ?
I only know a few ones right now which are:
fwd throw > dash > instant throw > j.HK (fake crossup vs ryu)
fwd throw > dash > wait ~ 2 frames > throw > j.HK (unblockable vs seth)
fwd throw > dash > s.HP > j.HK (fake crossup vs Juri)
fwd throw > s.HK > j.LK (fake crossup vs Cammy)

I guess there is more but I couldn’t find a chart.


So, who wants WAO twitter pearls translated?


Rough translation:
When LK slash trades with a Light normal, you can connect a full UC2. If medium normal: it’s a guess (check ryu’s cr.jab or cr.strong).

When you trade with a light normal you’ll be at +13 and distanced. Apart from UC2, you can also land a st.mp after a slight walk forward, or a st.mk.


Rough translation:
If you hit an LK slash on backdash pursuits you can catch
FEI, CHUN, SAKURA, ADON with a jab SRK in midair.
You can easily follow up with U2 in midair vs:
It hits BOXER, ZANGIEF, HAWK pretty easily as well, but the input for the ultra is tougher.
Another follow-up is HK Tatsu on GOUKEN and IBUKI which you can then follow-up with UC2.


Rough translation:
EVO’s over. I was secretly hoping that an unknown Oni player would win it all but nothing happened.


So OS slash to catch back dash can lead to ultra 2/srk after hit? I like that if its possible. TIME TO LABBBBBBBBB



I wanted to give my input on the character oni and my hands on experience with the character vs high level top players.

Oni has trouble against characters with fast long range focuses like Cody/Fei Long/Vega/ among others. Against the greats the only way you can really open them up is if you 2 in 1 a jab or short into the overhead move(dp with mk or short but mk is better because its minus 6 as opposed to minus 7 being the short one). If they have good keep away and great normals Oni can’t win in high level play unless you take crazy risks against solid defensive players that punish him correctly. The over head move doesn’t do enough damage to make someone that afraid of his rushdown and his kara throw gets teched free when they get used to seeing all the ranges he can perform them at. Imo i have the best RUSHDOWN oni period just like i have the best RUSHDOWN Sagat. People who have played Bonchan/Ryan Hart(2 of the best Sagats right now including me) have told me my rushdown was better. Oni is a rushdown character because all if his fireball strings are unsafe if you focus dash punish or block then punish if you do it to close. So now your forced to do strings with short slash(fireball with short which is minus 2 on block forcing you to risk the overhead pound move i discussed. He jumps to high giving characters a huge chance to aa him forcing you to fake them out all day because they are going to keep doing the aa JUST IN CASE. Against the focus all you can really do if they are at sweep range is stand short rh tatsu to really stop it. The good players will RANDOMLY focus ANY other limb even the standing short foreball because it doesn’t come out fast enough thus crumpling you for a combo if you don’t KEEP doing standing short rh tatsu on reaction which is close to impossible because your not psychic. When you are down on life you are going to try to get knockdowns and damage with forward fierce forward mks and other focusable limbs. Characters with 3 frame normals can hit those long range limbs and 2 in 1 into a move thus either knocking you back down for a safe jump you can’t dp out of or just chipping you away. Oni gets mauled by people who are safe and smart about their rushdown and he gets lamed out(zoned) by patient players with good footsies. All Oni has is damage from his risk taking. Good character…but not great once you KNOW

Been playing him since AE and still do. I can beat some of the best with him but those weaknesses are very bad once exploited…


Just popped in to spread the glory of Oni’s Ultra 2. This thing is in my opinion, one of the best ultra’s in the game. This thing stuff up jump in’s like nobody’s business. it shuts up dreaded dive kicks lickity split. It’s a viable wake up option against very aggresive opponents (nothing more satisfying than hitting an intended wake up throw with Ultra 2) and has multiple opportunities for combos (HK Tatsu > Ultra 2 anyone?) It makes me question how ultra 2 was deemed crap at its start.


Sanford, appreciate u taking the time to give your thoughts on Oni. Since a new update is coming out, what tweaks/changes do u think Capcom should make to his character?


I want Oni to have a mix up out of his ex slash like if you do it with short+roundhouse he stays in front and easier input on his u2 thats it. Also i have a friend in japan that recently within the past week played wao(the best Oni in japan)over 100 matches and he won more overall. Wao has a brother named -6 that uses Akuma and is really good and better than him. My friend said he will give me some of the matches soon…ill keep everyone posted :slight_smile:


thx for the heads up and trying to open the eyes of the community about Oni sanford