"I'm not Gouken..." Oni General Discussion Thread




WHATTTTTTT, that jab ultra 2? LABBBBBBBB

Is it character specific?


Well if you can sweep at a distance after a jab & you’re in range to get Full Animation ultra, it should work.


I got it once, shit is difficult.


I think it’s easy.


wao is fucking shit up, i hope you guys are watching this. the dude is unbelievable, footsies and groundgame so good im sure he can make any character work.


I wish all that stuff wasnt character specific ha


It’s interesting to see the amount of doubt Oni gets (even here) and then we see wao come along and 3-0 fuudo, sako, haitani and momochi. His potential won’t be underestimated again.


He still has all of the same issues, and a lot of them are major. Wao just plays really solidly and if you are reading your opponent, Oni’s damage and ability to confirm into it is a real threat. Nothing he’s doing in any of these videos is new or really makes Oni any better as a character. It’s just a really good player playing extremely well, which we’ve always known Oni could do, he just has to work a lot harder than someone like Fei or Ryu or Akuma, etc.


Yes, it’s clear that wao does have some great fundamentals. However, prior to this tournament I don’t think it was known that Oni could be considered a character, regardless of who was playing him, that could do consistently well against the best japanese players - because this is the first time it’s been demonstrated. The guy just took out daigo, kazunoko and bonchan.


First Infiltration goes kinda nuts with Oni, now Wao is even more beastly.

I’m still a beginner to Oni, but Wao got some really interesting setup, I especially like the recent topanga match Wao vs Bonchan. The guy is simply incredible, one particular setup I remember is

(opponent at corner) Forward throw, u+HK, uf+HK, OS U2

Also I pretty much never seen Wao miss his raging demon attempts, one interesting setup i saw is

point blank, c.LP (blocked, walk forward a bit, raging demon. He did not use kara demon just regular walk forward a bit which honestly confuse me a bit on how he did it but I haven’t tried in training mode yet so perhaps it’s not too hard.



I don’t find it all too surprising, I think Oni deserves more credit than he gets (Dat demon palm). Though, he still needs some buffing to feel complete, Such as Heavy and ex demon palm Having a hitbox on both sides (Chun li’s n.HK gets double sided hitbox but demon palm doesn’t?) Less recovery or more damage on his every day fire balls (Maybe a slight range increase) and LK tatsu to actually have legitimate use (Just give it akuma properties, seriously.) Still, he’s a fairly strong character now and am quite happy to main him


fadc dp on block sounds good.


Very much indeed.

It already has a use. PM me and I’ll tell you.

Just looked at these and honestly, Oni is looking pretty amazing. When talks first began about the update, I felt very strongly about keeping his SRK the way it is. But now, I feel having FADC on the first hit among all the other changes in the game is pretty damned good. The most notable changes to me right now are his U2 motion, sweep, electric fireballs, and the focus attacks. Oni’s fireball game is already ridiculous, but having less recovery on the electrics will be icing on the cake. Especially in the Guile matchup.

On a side note, I also do appreciate the faster U1 and step kick. There have been MANY times I’d try to punish whiffed normals at a fairly close range with U1 and still have it blocked or jumped. I’m curious to see what the new step kick feels like in the pressure game as it’s one of my personally favorite tools. Thoughts?


Personally i hate the fact that Oni can FADC on block now. I like the fact that his gameplay is mostly high risk-high reward, but now they’re giving Oni a lot more safe options. Sure he’ll be a lot better, but he just doesn’t feel YOLO-ish anymore.


From Japanese wiki (translated by Veserius)

Shoryuken - first hit FADC’able on hit and block
F.MK - Startup 13F > 11F
cr.HK - Startup 9F > 8F; recovery 24F > 20F
Focus - Bigger horizontal hitbox
HP Shoryuken - Invincibility 8F>5F (9~10f→6~7f hit invi)
LK Slash - Damage 120>110; Stun 150>130
HK Slash - Block advantage -8>-6
EX Slash - Block advantage -10>-8
MK Stomp - Block advantage -6>-4; no longer invicible frame 1
Fireball (all) - Recovery 2f shorter
U1 (ground) - Damage for non full animation 350>375; startup 11F>9F
UC2 - Command changed to HCBx2+PPP

No word on air dashes yet, that was the #1 thing I wanted buffed.


Dammit, I knew something had to give in exchange for the SRK being FADC’able now. I totally hate the SRK changes!


I was really hoping they would make his U2 QCF but I can’t complain with all these buffs.


Oooh, the changes are in lesse here. “Shoryuken nerfed” Damn, at least he got that sexy input for U2 “U2 has mirrored” Seriously capcom? Well, hopefully the gave HK stomp a hitbox behind oni Scans changes… Are you kidding me? What kinda buff did he get “Shoryuken Can FADC on block”…People… just…you…I…FUUUUUUCK.


But this shows he’s definitely not low tier as everyone thought in the past.