"I'm not Gouken..." Oni General Discussion Thread



Changes I’m dissapointed with
FADC on shoryuken (Ughhhh whyyyyy)
Nerf to shoryuken (Ugghhhh whyyyyy)
Change to ultra motion (what’s the point?)
Damage nerf to slash (understandable)
Medium pound losing invincibility and becoming safer (retarded)
Safety on slashes (what’s the point lmfao)
Ultra 1 buff (thanks but no thanks, probably just me)

One thing I liked about oni was that you couldn’t fadc his shoryuken. Made him less scrubby made me have to play better.
Can we even dp fadc ultra anymore?
I also liked this extremely invincible dp let me punish gimmicky scrubs. He’s like an anti scrub character.
Why they changed the ultra motion to another half circle I don’t know. I would’ve preferred qcf KKK this is kind of pointless.
The Slash nerf I can’t complain about his lk slash is godlike.
They just took away the point of medium pound. Why are they making him less versatile?
Slashes buff is kinda meh. It’s nice but doesn’t help me much.
Even less of a reason to use Ultra 2 which I personally adore.

Changes I’m happy about
Decreased startup on f.mk and f.hk. (Thanks for the f.mk)
Decreased recovery on lightning fb (thank you :))
Comboing into sweep? (Nice)
Let me know what you guys think.
I’m still learning the specifics of Oni but I feel I got a lot of the character down and tbh I’m not too fond of the changes.


You know, you can still play Seth. Buffs or nerfs, he’ll still be… Seth.


Has anyone got a chance to play Oni in Ultra loctests?


i played him abit in dreamhack.
he has faster walkspeed now. both forward and backwards.
shoryu fadc on hit is ass!! no follow up is possible. cant do fadc on 2 hit anymore. they simply fall to the ground after the first hit on fadc.impossible to do any kind of followup. looks really bad they must fix this.
thats about it. my friend was in such a hurry so we had to try a bunch of other stuff…


Faster walkspeed is awesome. What…can’t FADC on 2nd hit anymore? Even when you hit opponent? I thought 1st hit only FADC was only for block. Any thoughts on fireball recovery? Apparently he recovers 2 frames quicker from gorai fireball and maybe regular fireball. Did u notice any difference?


Can anyone explain why I see Oni players toss in an unnecessary jab when they combo into stomp (on certain characters)? Does the spacing put Oni at better frame advantage or something?


yes doesnt even work on 2-hit… never tried electric fireball…regular fireball felt normal to me…


So just on the electric fireball, that’s kind of disappointing.


What does everyone feel about Gief/Oni? Been using him for about 3 weeks, and seem to wreck any 10k+ bp Gief I face. I’m putting it down to lack of matchup knowledge since my Oni is above average, but nothing amazing. I know points don’t = skill, but it’s shocking how easy I win.


gief is one of oni’s best matchup imo


Topanga A league finished. The results.

  1. Bonchan (Sagat, Akuma)
  2. Wao (Oni, Dudley)
  3. Momochi (Ken, Akuma)
  4. Kazunoko (Yun, Seth)
  5. Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
  6. Michael Tan (Ken, Evil Ryu)
  7. Uryo (Viper, Sakura)
  8. **Fuudo (Fei Long)
  9. **Dashio (Seth, Fei Long)
  10. *Sako (Ibuki, Evil Ryu)
  11. *Haitani (Makoto)
  12. *Mago (Fei Long)

So this is easily the most impressive achievement of any Oni player, considering the format of Topanga and Wao coming in 2nd overall. Any thoughts on Wao’s performance, technique, and other observations?


can anyone here standing hard kick kara raging demon , like infiltration ? ive been trying this for ages and its fucking hard . im on stick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d8uqY_EHck&feature=player_detailpage#t=124


^ hmm I’m not at a console right now to test but I think he’s masking the first part of the input for demon when the character model is transitioning between back and forward movement (because you never see a normal come out like you would with other kara demon setups for oni.)


That’s just how kara demon looks with f.HK. He’s probably just using the normal kara demon buffer (pressing the normal at the same time as LP) but much faster than you would when doing it with stepkick.


Sighs Welp, not liking Oni in ultra, He got more or less, nothing and even a couple nerfs. meanwhile, most everyone else got some great buffs. Come on, please let there be hope for him.


Where are you reading this from?


I don’t know man, the FADC uppercut, the moves with a frame or two less startup and the longer focus attack seem nice :slight_smile:


It’s not nice when he loses his shoryuken fadc combos just so he can blindly spam shoryuken on wake up at the cost of two meters. Focus attack range is nice I guess and so is sweep. Buff to forward mk is also welcome. But still, its not exactly much when you look at ken and chun. I suppose To say he got nothing is wrong, but still, what he got is fairly lacking compared to the rest of the cast.


Yeah honestly the buffs while mostly helpful are rather bland. They didn’t even touch his air dashes, the most unique part of his arsenal by far.


I think everyone forgot that dp fadc was nerfed across the board. -3 for EVERYBODY